5 Areas Your Business May Need Professional Cleaning 

Take a good look around your workplace. How clean is it? Look closer. Are trash baskets overflowing? Are bathrooms in need of restocking? Could the waiting room use a quick sprucing? Or perhaps the conference room still has chairs that need to be pushed in and the table still has the remnants of the last meeting. 

If you are re-evaluating how clean you think your office space is, consider 5 particular areas that may need regular professional cleaning. 

toilet paper

Office Bathrooms 

Bathrooms are one area that both clients and employees use. This space, although it may seem innocuous, can send a specific signal about the cleanliness of your business. 

If the trash baskets are overflowing, toilets are unkempt, sinks are messy, and the floors have trash or debris on them, that sends the message that your organization is not well managed or that details are slipping through the cracks. 

Bathrooms tend to be used several times a day and, depending on the number of employees and clients that visit your workspace, they may need cleaning more than once during the workday. 

Waiting Areas 

If your business has a waiting area where clients can sit or enjoy a cup of coffee before meeting with members of your team, then you will want to ensure that the space is the cared for throughout the entire day. 

Cleaning in a waiting area could include arranging and neatening furniture, wiping down tables, vacuuming the carpet, restocking the snack or coffee area, and any number of unique tasks that relate to your business. 

Office Equipment Room 

We all have that one room where the photocopier is located as well as possibly other items like a scanner, server, and other necessary items to get the job done. 

This room tends to be a catch-all and can get messy quite quickly. Cleaning of this area could include cleaning up tables and chairs, wiping down and sanitizing high-traffic touch points, and emptying trash. 

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Carpets and Floors 

Talk about a high-traffic area! The floors in your workplace probably take a beating every day. From bringing in salt and snow during the winter months to leaves and dirt during the fall and spring, your floors could probably use some TLC. 

Our team at S.J. Services can mop, dust, vacuum, and shine your floors to make a great first impression from your lobby to each and every workstation for your employees. 


Windows tend to be an overlooked area at workplaces, as they merely serve the purpose of letting in light for most employees. They do, however, dim the light if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. 

Regular window washing can keep dust and allergens from your workspaces and make your workspaces shine!