Back to school cleaning services

Cleaning Services for Back to School

Summer is nearly over, which means it’s almost time for students and teachers alike to go back to school. However, it’s important for them to return to a clean, well-maintained learning environment to ensure focus, health, and safety. A clean school campus not only improves student morale and thus their eagerness to learn, but can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Here are some of the key professional cleaning services you should employ to get the school ready for fall.

Floor Cleaning

School hallways get heavy amounts of foot traffic, especially in between classes. Students walking, running, and sliding along the floors will generally leave a mark, especially if they’re coming from outside. That’s why you should make sure the floors are swept, buffed, and waxed so they are as clean and protected as possible. Doing them before the students come back will give any protective layer time to set, and will also welcome them back with gleaming hallways.

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Clean and Stock Bathrooms

School bathrooms are one of the most likely places for students to come in contact with germs, and one of the most likely to be the cause of germs spreading. This is in part due to students not properly washing their hands.

Findings from the Healthy Hand Washing survey conducted by the Bradley Corporation show that “only 60% of students say they always wash their hands before leaving the school restroom.” However, that can often be linked back to students not wanting to spend more time than necessary in a dirty bathroom.

This is why it’s important to give the bathrooms a deep clean before students come back to school, and why you should put focus on maintaining cleanliness throughout the year. Employing day porter services to keep bathrooms clean and stocked with soap and paper towels could very well prevent an outbreak of the latest strand of the flu or other germs.

Lawn Maintenance

Whether kids are enjoying recess on the playground or college students are relaxing on the campus green, keeping the lawn and landscape in good condition is important. It’s especially critical if it gets heavy foot traffic, as the lawn could become compacted, which will lead to sickly grass. When lawns look sickly, it can bring down the appearance of the entire building.

Before the kids come back to school, aerate the lawn so air flow and water can once again get into the formerly-packed soil. This will leave the grass healthier and more vibrant, even in the fall when it would normally begin to turn brown and brittle. This will make your campus look more inviting and welcoming to the students, inviting them to enjoy the green while the weather is still nice.

Whether you’re a small elementary school or an established university, we provide you with reliable, high-quality cleaning and maintenance services at competitive pricing. Contact us today to schedule janitorial services that will create a clean, welcoming learning environment for students and staff alike.