Fallen leaves at tree stump.

Get Prepared for Winter with a Fall Cleanup Service


Fall is in full swing, as it gets progressively colder outside the leaves will begin to cover the ground, leaving quite the task for commercial property owners. Instead of stressing yourself out both physically and mentally trying to squeeze in long hours of labor, consider hiring S.J. Services for your commercial property’s fall cleaning. 

When not attended to, the shedding of fall leaves can cause significant damage to your property. Keep reading to find out why scheduling a proper fall cleanup is essential to maintaining your commercial property. 

What Is Included In Our Fall Cleanup Service? 

Getting your lawn ready for winter includes a few key tasks: 

  • Removal of leaves and debris 
  • Manicuring of lawn
  • Mulch fillings, grooming and updating/prepping plants

The main purpose of doing a fall cleanup is to not only improve the visual appearance of your property, although this is important especially during the beautiful fall season. Just as important as looks, however, is the functionality of the commercial property cleanup. 


Why is a Proper Fall Cleanup Important? 

Your fall cleanup preps your property for the harsh effects of winter. Removal of leaves and debris ensures that any snowfall will be less severe, especially in the face of ice and freezing temperatures. Removing fallen leaves also allows for a much smoother spring clean up when the snow eventually melts. 

Manicuring your lawn and any plants, trees, or shrubs, allows your property to look well groomed. This is largely a marketing tactic, as many who visit or even drive by your commercial property will take note of its visual appearance and associate it with your brand or business. 

Some plants will also require prep for the colder temperatures. Whether this be wrapping, aeration of soil, or fertilizing treatments, the plants that beautify your property all year round need a little extra TLC to ensure that they make it through the winter. 


Why S.J. Services? 

Although a fall cleanup may be easy to underestimate as simply adding a few extra hours of leaf raking per week to your daily schedule, a proper fall cleanup actually may take days and is very laborious. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you are not only sparing yourself, but also ensuring that your commercial property is being effectively taken care of and prepped for winter. Just like anything else, if your landscape is not properly maintained and cared for on a regular basis, there will likely be expensive damages further down the road. 

Don’t let the falling leaves and winter get in the way of your business’s success, contact S.J. Services today and hire a professional to come in and complete your fall cleanup.