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School is Back in Session: How S.J. Services Can Help Start The Year Safe and Healthy

September is in full swing and so is the start of the school year. Along with classroom friendships and hands-on learning comes lots of germs and flu season. This year more than ever, it seems as if the world is just a petri dish of different colds and viruses. In order to ward off the almost inevitable onset of stuffy noses, keep reading to find out how hiring a professional cleaning service such as S.J. Services can help keep kids healthy while they return to school. 


Nightly Janitorial Services 

During the day, school will be filled with kids running around and everybody knows that cleaning up after children while they’re still around is impossible. Instead, opting for nightly janitorial services ensures professionals the space and time they need to properly clean and disinfect surfaces. 

Overnight cleaning allows the professionals to thoroughly clean the entire school building. There are countless surfaces in schools where germs can reside, from the more obvious ones such as bathrooms to the more insidious door knobs and table tops. 

Our overnight janitorial services also involve routine maintenance such as trash and recycling, carpet cleaning, and minor repairs. Our team will do their best every night to make sure that spaces are properly cleaned and disinfected, allowing for a safe learning environment the following day. 


Day (Or Night) Porter Services 

Different schools run on different schedules, depending on what time your bell rings, you may opt for the day or night porter services rather than the overnight janitorial service. This option allows consistent and frequent cleaning of communal spaces. Restocking and checking of restrooms, post-lunchtime cafeteria cleaning, floor touch ups, sanitizing of door handles and other common touch points, and trash/recycling duties. 

The day porter service would also work well in addition to the nightly janitorial services to maintain a consistent clean for heavily populated schools. Effectively fighting germ spread starts with prevention and staying ahead. 


Services for Schools and Universities 

S.J. Services is the number one cleaner of educational facilities in New England. We understand that school budgets are shrinking and we take measures to work with administrators to reduce janitorial costs. Our services allow schools to consolidate their facility maintenance and janitorial needs and outsource the cost and responsibility for benefits, equipment purchasing, and overall staff management.

In addition to offering flexible options for payment and scheduling, we guarantee the safety of your students and security of your building. Whether you choose to have services completed during the day, overnight, or both, you can trust that our services will be completed securely. We have some of the strictest hiring and training practices in the industry, all of our employees undergo a comprehensive CORI/SORI background check and receive ongoing training on the proper use and storage of all equipment used at your school. 

Our world is finally starting to slightly resemble a world previous to the pandemic. Although it is exciting to see schools up and running again, it is important to be mindful of the possibilities that lie ahead, especially through the colder months. Having frequent and thorough disinfection and cleaning is more important than ever, contact S.J. Services to find out how we can help keep your facility functioning at optimal safety, keeping your students happy and healthy.