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Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Our professional Janitorial Services will improve the cleanliness, health, and overall orderliness of your business. We strive to keep your workspace spotlessly clean on a daily basis. Our professionally trained cleaning teams can provide quality, efficient, and consistent cleaning services with a comprehensive menu of janitorial services.

Nightly Janitorial Services

The mission of our nightly janitorial services is to provide comprehensive cleaning of your company’s workspace after business hours.

From the nightly emptying of the trash to disinfecting surfaces and touchpoints, our team will have your workspaces looking fresh and clean by morning. Our night janitorial team takes great pains to ensure that bathrooms are restocked, carpets and flooring are clean, and any minor repairs are made before the next work day begins.

Furniture & Fabric Partition Cleaning

Waiting area furniture and fabric cubicle enclosures are notorious for gathering dust and debris. Our team will clean furnishings and fabric enclosures to allow for a healthier and clean work environment.

Employee desinfecting office

Carpet Cleaning

Specks and stains on carpeting sends the wrong message to customers and clients. Our team can clean your carpeted areas and bring back the original luster of the flooring. Whether there are spills, sticky residue, or debris, our team can clean it using traditional or Green Cleaning methods depending upon your needs.

Trash & Recycling

We provide our clients with affordable trash and recycling services to keep work areas clean of litter and practice eco-friendly recycling.

Cleanrooms & Specialized Facilities

There are many industries, such as the pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial industries that require the use of cleanrooms or specialized rooms that require advanced training for cleaning. We work in coordination with our clients on advanced training for our cleaning teams to meet ISO Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, and Class 1000 cleanroom standards. Our cleaning experts follow strict cleaning protocols and the specific order of cleaning to ensure regulatory compliance.

Floor Care

From classroom or office carpets, to hardwood floors and cafeteria flooring, our team strives to remove dirt, debris and blemishes that make your workspace or school appear unkempt. We vacuum, polish, buff, and wax so that your floors are gleaming.