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Signs Your Workplace Needs to Be Professionally Cleaned 

Does your office host clients or hold meetings in a conference room or a workshop space? Building relationships and making positive first impressions with those clients are important for the success of your business 

Did you know that a first impression goes further than your professional services but also to the cleanliness of your workspace as well? 

Is Your Office Space Clean?

Wondering if your office is clean enough to host clients, workshops, or colleagues in your industry on a regular basis? Continue reading to explore the major signs that your office needs professional cleaning. 

Are Your Employees Always Sick? 

One of the first things to consider when determining if your workspace is clean is whether you have a revolving door of sick employees. While everyone gets sick once in a while, if your office seems to have colds being passed around your office constantly, then maybe it’s time for professional sanitizing and disinfecting of your office. 

Bathrooms, countertops, and door handles tend to become havens for bacteria or viruses without regular cleaning. A professional cleaning company, like S.J. Services, can ensure that touchpoints are cleaned and sanitized regularly thus preventing the spread of colds and the flu. 

Is Clutter Piling Up? 

It’s fairly normal for businesses to have some clutter, but if that clutter is decreasing productivity and starting to look messy, you will want to have regular cleaners take care of your spaces. 

Conference rooms tend to be spaces that end up with lots of clutter from past meetings and workshops. A professional cleaning crew can make sure that your conference rooms are cleaned at the end of the day or (using Day Porter services) after each meeting. 

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Is the Trash Overflowing? 

If you start to notice overflowing trash bins around your office, it might be time to call on a professional cleaning company. 

Professional cleaning companies cannot only empty those regularly but make sure that your cleaning equipment including trash bags are stocked and ready to be used. 

Are Employees Worried About Cleanliness?

If your employees are usually the ones who take care of the lion’s share of the cleaning, it may be time to invest in a commercial cleaner who can take this task off your loyal employees’ list of things to do. 

Many companies find that employees are the ones who clue them into the fact that the kitchen has not been cleaned and that supplies are running low in the bathrooms. If your employees are worried about cleaning, they are not able to do the job they were hired to do. 

If your workplace is showing any of these signs, give S.J. Services a call to find out more about our professional cleaning services.