Two men painting the exterior of a building.

When is the Best Time to Have Your Building Repainted?


If you’ve noticed that your building could use a paint job to refresh its curb appeal, or even to better match your business’ essence, keep reading to find out the best ways and times to go about an entire re-paint project. 

Why is Paint so Important?

The outward and inward appearance of your building is a key component in your reputation, success, and brand recognition. Maintaining your space indicates to potential clients, guests, consumers, etc. that you are responsible and respectful. Even if your building is not open to the general public, the outward appearance will do the talking for you. 

Additionally, if you have employees who work from your building, refreshing the space can motivate them and significantly improve their feelings about coming to work everyday. 


When Do I Know it’s Time to Paint? 

There are many reasons why a building’s surfaces could use a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you’ve noticed your building has started to noticeably chip or bubble, has some stains or scuffs that won’t come out, or maybe just looks out-of-date in comparison to the other properties on the street. Whatever the indicator may be, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to rejuvenate a property and improve its appearance and overall energy. 

White paint roller dipping in bucket of white paint.

Optimal Times of Year to Paint 

Once you decide it’s time to move forward with your painting project, it’s important to see what kind of time frame you are looking at. The best times of year to have your building repainted are typically during early summer or early fall, when temperatures are relatively mild and not prone to rain or other weather conditions that could inhibit your paint job. Obviously these times and weather conditions will be dependent upon where you live, so it’s best to do research for your specific area.

The optimal conditions, however, are consistently mild temperatures and less abrasive weather occurrences. It is also important to not wait too far into the year where the weather gets too cold because paint needs a certain temperature range to properly dry, typically between 50 and 90 degrees fahrenheit.  

Professional or DIY? 

Although it may be tempting to circumvent high costs by taking on a repaint job yourself, it is important to remember the intricacies and large mishap margin that comes with repainting an entire building or interior. Especially in the case of professional buildings, the way that your paint job comes out will have a large impact on the appearance of your business as a whole. In order to ensure that your investment in your building, brand, and business is worth it– it’s best to hire a professional. In addition to our cleaning services, S.J. Services also offers commercial painting services, so get in contact with us today to get an estimate on your building repaint project.