Person cleaning floor

Why Floor Care is Important

Floors are something so easily overlooked. After all, you walk across them every day. Sure, maybe you’ll give them a quick sweep if you see someone has tracked in dirt, but otherwise most people don’t put much thought into maintaining their floors. Yet they absolutely should.

We clean a wide variety of floors, from wall-to-wall carpeting to hardwood to laminate to granite, so we’ve seen it all and know the value of floor care. 

Good First Impression

A dirty floor can easily put off visitors to your office, whether potential clients, inspectors, or interviewees. It implies that you aren’t keeping up with basic maintenance or hygiene. Even if every other surface in the building is spotless, sticky, gritty, or slick floors can be felt as your visitors walk across them, and it absolutely will color their opinion of you and your business.

On top of that, dirty floors can be dangerous. We’ve all seen cartoons or videos where a person comically slips and falls on a wet floor or a banana peel, but it’s not so funny when the person falls in real life. Whether it’s a client or a colleague, if someone falls because you neglected your floors, it can be a costly mistake.

image of floor cleaning

Hidden In Plain Sight

Rugs and carpets are great at hiding dirt and dander. Because the fibers tend to hide The average human can shed up to 100 hairs per day, and there’s no better place for those hairs to hide than a carpet. Individual hairs can also get stuck in the fibers of the carpet, meaning that unless you’re willing to put in an extreme amount of time and effort vacuuming them out, you might prefer to let professionals with more powerful equipment handle this.

Hardwood, laminate, and granite floors also hide hidden filth. Every day you track microscopic germs, allergens, and even toxins across your floors when you come into the office. That’s why it’s important to not only clean, but disinfect your floors so the germs don’t become airborne and get the office sick.

Pet-Friendly and Human-Healthy

Dog-friendly offices are on the rise post-pandemic, and even before 2020 service animals already were allowed anywhere their owners were. Either way, dogs in the office aren’t uncommon, so floors should be cleaned for both the animals’ and humans’ sakes.

Dogs shed. It’s a fact. Not only is shed fur on the floor unseemly, but it can be an allergy concern. Generally vacuuming will take care of the problem, but it’s important to keep up with it to avoid dander building up and making your more pet-sensitive coworkers miserable. Like with humans, 

On top of that, clean floors are important for the dog’s safety as well. Curious canines might see something they think is food and attempt to eat it, leading to a potential trip to the vet. This makes it important to not only clean the floors, but to use pet-safe products to do so.

Makes Them Last

The floor is perhaps the most used surface in any room. Shoes stomping, chairs scraping, objects being dropped – it can all lead to visible wear and tear. Keeping your floors clean and maintained will mean you won’t have to replace them sooner than absolutely necessary. Your building is an investment, so it’s important to protect it in every way you can.

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