Why Government Buildings Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Government buildings are physical representations of the government, whether it’s federal, state, county, or city. These can include town halls, police stations, fire departments, and courthouses.

These buildings, like any other public or commercial building, require professional cleaning services. Our team can customize the cleaning plan depending on your facility’s needs and schedule.

But why put in the effort of a top-tier professional cleaning service? Because your facility should reflect how much the government values its employees and citizens.

Keep the Public Happy

Government buildings should inspire confidence in citizens. If the building is dirty with broken facilities, people will question where their tax dollars have been going. Does the lack of janitorial services mean they’re going to be taxed more to pay for them? Or worse, is the money being mismanaged so essentials aren’t getting funded with the rest going into someone’s pocket?

Keeping your facilities clean and functional will prevent people from jumping to these worrisome conclusions. It will also keep your employees happy, as they work hard to keep things running every day. Shouldn’t they have clean working conditions? Of course, because when the government takes care of its people, the people will take care of their government.

They’re High-Traffic Buildings

Woman Hand open the Office Glass Door

Because government buildings are supposed to serve the public, they get a lot of traffic. Wear and tear on carpets, furniture, and facilities is common and thus requires more upkeep. Bathrooms can get dirty, floors scuffed, and trash strewn about. Having professional cleaning services will keep up with general tidying so the building remains clean and welcoming to all who step through the door.

On top of that, the more people that visit your facilities, the more likely one of them will be sick. Disinfecting and sanitizing bathrooms and common areas is important in high-traffic government areas. Surfaces like welcome desks, waiting room seating, and bathroom sinks should be regularly wiped down and sanitized. Touch point areas like door handles and handrails should also see regular sanitation, with antimicrobial products being used to kill deadly bacteria and viruses that are easily spread.

Historic Buildings Require Extra Care

Many government buildings, especially in New England, tend to be older buildings. Some are even historic. This often results in aesthetically-pleasing government buildings that take a little extra effort to maintain. Older buildings can be quirky and sometimes additional services are required to bring them up to code.

Because older buildings come with their share of troubles, it’s important to have janitorial and maintenance staff that will be on-call for emergencies. 

If you’re looking for professional cleaning services for your government building, contact us today! You’ll find your facilities cleaner and your employees happier in no time.