Person powerwashing sidewalk

Why Spring Is the Time to Power Wash

It’s springtime in Massachusetts which means it’s time to spruce up the exterior of your building! While window washing and landscaping are a must, there’s another cleaning option you should consider – power washing.

There are several reasons why you should get your building power washed, but why spring? Frankly, it’s pretty much the perfect time to book our commercial power washing services for both your building and pavement.

Ideal Weather to Power Wash

When it comes to power washing, you want certain weather conditions. Specifically, you need to factor in temperature. You need to choose a day where the temperature will remain above freezing for 24 hours to allow the surfaces to properly dry. So mid-to-late spring is ideal, as you’ll have enough heat and sunshine for everything to dry before the humidity of a New England summer hits.

Removes Winter Grime

Winters in Massachusetts can be rough on buildings. Snow falls, melts, and freezes, trapping dirt and grime in the cracks and crevices of pavement and buildings alike. Salt build-up after a rough winter is also particularly unappealing and potentially damaging. It’s better to start off the season for growth and renewal by clearing away the ugly contaminants that cling to your business.

Besides that, power washing can reduce wear-and-tear damage. Over the winter, if water freezes inside of small cracks, those cracks are forced to expand, creating bigger cracks. It’s important to get those taken care of as soon as possible, before they can get worse. And since the temperature isn’t ideal in the winter, you should get on it in spring.

But what has that got to do with power washing? Well, if there’s a crack in the pavement or side of your building, you need to remove all the loose bits of gravel and dirt possible before resealing it. Otherwise, you risk the surface sealer not bonding properly and opening the crack up again. An initial, general power wash will clear away much of these debris, and then the repairman won’t have as much to do themselves before sealing.

Power washing

Washes Away Pollen

We’ve talked about how pollen gets everywhere and will settle on every available surface. Well, this includes the exterior of your building. You also can’t always count on a spring rain to wash it all away, as it can get caught in the nooks and crannies of window sills, bricks, and more. The high-pressure spray of a power washer will force off the caked-on clumps of congealed pollen and provide a much fresher look to the outside.

However, there’s a reason even greater than aesthetics as to why you’ll want to remove as much pollen from your building as possible. When you wash away the pollen that clings to your building, you also keep it from getting inside your building. Eliminating allergens before they can even find their way into your facilities is extremely beneficial to the health and happiness of your workers. No one’s at their most productive when they’re suffering from seasonal allergies after all.

So don’t let your building cling to a grimy winter. Contact us to book our commercial power washing services today!