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4 Spots Your Hotel Should Have Commercially Cleaned

Most people might not realize that it’s not just the guest rooms in a hotel that require regular cleaning. Hotels might have a dedicated cleaning staff to handle guest rooms and suites, but often they call on commercial cleaning companies like S.J. Services to take care of the rest. This is because we have the cleaning technology, training, and manpower to handle the larger sections of the hotel so your housekeeping staff can focus on guest accommodations.

Here are four spots in your hotel that you should have commercially cleaned to ensure your guests are happy.

1. Lobby

The lobby is the first thing people see when they walk into a hotel, so it’s essential that it gives a good impression. Floors need to be clean and polished. Windows should be crystal clear to let in the optimal amount of natural light so your lobby appears bright and welcoming. Trash cans should be emptied regularly to avoid any bad smells or unsightly overflow.Hall in some building

2. Public Bathrooms

No one likes a dirty public bathroom, especially in the hospitality business. Employing a day porter could save you a lot of grief and negative reviews as they keep it clean. They can keep soap dispensers, toilet paper, and towels stocked, empty trash cans, and ensure it’s presentable to guests all day long.

On top of that, public bathrooms are one of the germiest places in any building. Regular cleaning is essential to keep guests and staff healthy. Touchpoints like door handles, faucets, and toilet handles should be regularly wiped down and disinfected. For extra protection, our team can apply Silver Defender antimicrobial film over these touchpoints to further fight the spread of germs.

3. Event Rooms

Not everyone who visits a hotel is there to spend the night. Some are there for a special event in one of the function rooms. Most hotels have a ballroom, conference room, or other designated event space. These are typically rented out for weddings, presentations, reunions, or even school dances. Whatever the event, this room needs to be thoroughly cleaned both before and after the event. After all, your guests deserve a beautiful space to work with for their event. This can involve polishing the dance floor, vacuuming the carpet, wiping down tables, and making sure trash isn’t left behind.

Event spaces are also usually one of the largest rooms in a hotel. This means keeping it clean can take a lot more manpower than your usual staff might be up for. If your hotel gets a lot of bookings for events, keep a designated team on rotation to keep your function rooms ready.

4. Hallways

Hotels are full of hallways that get a lot of foot traffic, and thus need frequent professional cleaning. Dirt and debris can easily find their way into carpets as guests and staff alike walk all over them. If the floors are hardwood or linoleum, they should be mopped and polished frequently so that scuff marks and footprints are not left behind. It might not seem like a big deal for the hallways to get a bit dirty, but guest expectations for cleanliness are not limited to just their rooms, and hallways cannot be neglected if you want to impress them.

Hospitality is all about giving visitors a clean, comfortable place to stay on their travels. While your housekeeping staff keeps the guest rooms and suites clean, our teams do their part with the rest of the hotel. Remember to keep these spots in your hotel commercially cleaned, and you’ll find yourself getting positive reviews from happy guests.