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Commercial Snow Shoveling & Snow Blowing

Reliable and Prompt Snow Removal Protects Your Property

Make safety a top priority with our snow clean up services that can ensure that your walkways, parking lots, and entryways are clear of snow and potentially dangerous ice.

Heading into work during the winters in New England can be a challenge. Take one backbreaking task off your list by adding snow shoveling and snow blowing services. The S.J. Services team can prepare the walkways, entryways, and parking lots so they are safe for your workforce and clients to make their way into your office, school, or business.

Our timely snow shoveling ensures that your workforce and clients arrive at your business to freshly cleaned walkways and entryways that are safe and completely cleared of any slip and fall hazards.

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Importance of Commercial Snow Shoveling & Blowing

Freshly fallen snow during the winter months may look whimsical, but it can be a safety hazard when it comes to your organization’s walkways, driveways, and entryways.

Having a cleanly shoveled or blown hardscape will ensure that your business:

  • Opens on Time and in a Safe Manner.
  • Prevents Dangerous Slips and Falls which could lead to injury or legal issues.
  • Provides Positive Curb Appeal for the Face of your Business. A clean aesthetic looks positively on your business.
  • Allows for Easy Access to your School, Storefront, or Office Space.