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Cleanrooms & Labs

Cleanrooms are designed to keep air circulating often by using industrial level air filters and positive air pressure. This is all done to keep critical processes clean from particles and contaminants.

Many industries require the use of cleanrooms and especially outfitted laboratories that need to maintain exceptionally clean environments. S.J. Services expertly trains our cleaning teams to the Federal and ISO Class Rating standards. Our team will manage the regulatory compliance list and quality control checklist required to keep your ISO Class 1, Class 10, Class 100 and up cleanroom operating at peak performance.

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The Critical Role of Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are engineered to precisely control, monitor, and maintain the environment of the room. The main role of a cleanroom is to limit contamination, whether that contamination is dust, vapors, microbes, fibers or biological hazards.

Depending upon the processes occuring in a cleanroom, the environmental controls may also be used to regulate temperature, humidity, airflow, filtration, and pressure.


Cleanroom Industries We Serve

• Pharmaceutical Companies

• Optics Manufacturing

• Aerospace

• Medical Device Manufacturers

• Food Packaging

• High Tech & Semiconductor Industry

• Electronics

• Solar Industry

• Life Sciences & Research