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Day Porter Services

Keeping Your Business Spotless and Germ-Free All Day

One common service many businesses need to keep their office spaces clean all day is the essential Day Porter service.

For businesses that have client facing operations there will often be the need for ongoing cleaning throughout the workday. Day Porter services can include: ongoing restroom checks and restocking of products, receiving deliveries, lunchtime cafeteria cleaning, and general cleaning in common areas and waiting rooms. Our Porter Services could be full or part time as needed and complete special request tasks as well.

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Common Day Porter Tasks

While S.J. Services can customize your Day (or Night) Portering Services, these are some of the most common tasks that can ensure that your breakrooms, lobby, restrooms, and conference rooms are cleaned throughout the day.

• Cleaning of Communal Break Rooms

• Cleaning and Sanitizing Meeting and Conference Rooms After Each Use

• Sanitizing of Door Handles, Elevator Buttons, and Common Touchpoint’s

• Restroom Checks, Cleaning and Restocking

• Floor Touch Ups

• Trash and Recycle Duties

• Cafeteria Clean Ups

Porter Services are a valuable part of keeping your business looking clean, organized, and well-care for throughout your workday.