Commercial Parking Lot / Garage Cleaning

Commercial Parking Lot/Garage Cleaning Services

A Good First Impression Starts in the Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots and garages are an extension of your business property and as such should display a clean well-kept appearance. A sparkling curb appeal starts in the garage or parking lot. Additionally, the office parking lot is often the first impression a visitor or client will have of your organization. The last thing you want your guests to see is piles of trash, debris, or grease stains littering the area.

S.J. Services can eliminate these issues with regular cleaning services that can create a clean, safe space for visitors to leave their vehicles. Your parking areas should be sanitary, well lit, safe, and clean for not only your clients but employees as well.

image of garage cleaning

Benefits of Our Painting Services

Depending upon the size and style of your organization’s parking lot or garage, our team can complete a comprehensive series of services to help you make that first impression a good one.

  • Sweep and Scrub Dirt & Debris
  • Pressure Wash Floors, Columns, & Walls
  • De-Grease Oils Stains or Drips
  • Trash Clean Up
  • Disinfecting Touch Points such as elevators and handrails