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Commercial Floor Care

Keeping Your Floors Clean and Sparkling

Our comprehensive floor care program includes a wide variety of flooring types and services including cleaning, disinfecting, waxing, buffing, or refinishing. Schools, commercial buildings, labs, and industrial complexes all need to maintain best practices of floor care not only for safety purposes, but to make a great impression on clients, visitors, and consumers.

Cleaning a Wide Variety of Flooring Materials

Our Floor Care Services include caring for a diverse assortment of flooring types including:

  • Wall-to-wall or area carpeting

  • Hardwood flooring

  • Laminate,

  • Marmoleum,

  • Terrazzo, Granite, or Parque.

For our carpet cleaning clients, our truck-mounted cleaning equipment uses industrial cleaning capabilities and can clean entire carpets or spot clean specific trouble areas.

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Miscellaneous Cleaning Services

There is no doubt that power washing can change the entire aesthetic of a building in less than a day! Our power washing crew is specially trained to use the right amount of pressure to remove the dirt and debris without harming your exterior surfaces. We most commonly power wash these areas: