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8 Industries That Require Specialty Cleaning Services

Not all industries are the same — especially when it comes to the services they require. For many industries, professional cleaning and janitorial services are required to ensure smooth operations, workplace safety, and an all-around clean environment.

After all, who wants to work in a mess?

If you neglect these services, it can have a detrimental effect on your business or commercial property. So today, let’s explore 8 industries serviced by SJ Services, and why they require our specialty cleaning services.


We are proud to call ourselves the number 1 cleaner of educational facilities in New England. At SJ Services we understand the immense importance of keeping our schools and educational institutions clean and safe for all who walk through their doors. Schools are a place for learning and growth, not dealing with clutter, disgusting bathrooms, overflowing trash, and hazardous environments. 

Our current education clients include:

  • Boston College
  • Endicott College
  • Needham Public Schools
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • And many more.

We believe that children, students, and educators deserve the best of the best. This is why we use strict hiring and training practices. Our janitorial employees undergo comprehensive background checks. They also receive ongoing training in the latest cleaning, equipment use, and equipment maintenance practices. This strict attention to detail and high standards are used for schools of all sizes, from elementary schools to ivy-league universities.


The hospitality & tourism industry relies heavily on travelers to stay, return, and spread the word about their experiences. This applies to hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and special events, such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Recently, online reviews have become an integral piece of the hospitality industry.

As such, it’s imperative that you employ top-notch cleaning services. No guest wants to stay in a hotel room that smells like last night’s party. By dedicating your time and budget to professional janitorial and cleaning services, you can ensure that your guests and visitors have a pleasant and safe experience on your property.

Technology And Biotech

Technology (and biotechnology) facilities are often outfitted with highly sensitive equipment and expensive technology. And most of the time, the working spaces within the facility are designed and set up for very specific purposes. These locations require specialized cleaning services to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance protocols are followed that do not interfere with everyday operations and workplace safety.

At SJ Services, our team coordinates with your facility leaders to make sure that all cleaning and janitorial personnel are trained in the proper practices to best serve your company. This includes advanced training in cleanrooms ISO Class 1, Class, 10, Class 100, Class 1000, and more.

Office Buildings

According to, “there are over 863,953 office workers currently employed in the United States.” These workers deserve and expect a clean and hazard-free environment to perform their daily work tasks. There’s nothing more distracting in a workspace than piles of clutter, overflowing trash, filthy floors, and unmanaged restrooms.

Additionally, your offices, lobby, and conference centers are typically the first impression that potential clients and new hires have when they enter your building. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. At SJ Services, we clean and review every trash bin, workstation, floor, conference room, and more, to ensure that your first impression is the best impression possible. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team of professional cleaners get the job done day in and day out.

Food Processing Facilities

Having a meticulously clean facility should be a top priority for food processing facilities. Food contamination or cross-contamination should be every food processing business’s biggest fear. And for good reason. Contamination of food due to unsanitary conditions can lead to severe consequences, including getting your customers sick – destroying your business and reputation.

SJ Services maintains clear cleaning best practices when it comes to cleaning food processing equipment and workspace. Our team is highly trained, and prepped in the best practices available to provide strict safety measures. The last thing you want to do is put consumers at risk by neglecting professional cleaning standards.


It’s no secret that medical and dental offices require the strictest cleaning standards to provide a safe and sanitary environment for staff and patients alike. Lackluster cleaning and maintenance protocols can leave your office or facility in poor condition – certainly unacceptable to those under your care.

Our specialized cleaning professionals have the training, the experience, and the equipment necessary to keep your hospital or office clean and safe. Our team also has covid-19 disinfectant training to help prevent any nasty outbreaks. We’ll keep your exam rooms, lobby, and waiting areas clean and sanitized so that you can focus on providing quality care.

Transportation Facilities

The transportation industry sees a lot of traffic. Travelers and commuters, whether using public transportation or renting a vehicle, expect a clean and sanitized area for their travels. Bus stations, commuter rails, airports, ferry services, and rental car companies should all adhere to strict cleanliness standards, especially when servicing travelers. 

There are various touch points that need to be washed and sanitized when it comes to public transportation vehicles and facilities. Sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and much more all need to be done on a daily basis to ensure a presentable and safe environment for customers and staff. At SJ Services, our talented crew of professionals can help keep even the busiest transportation areas clean and efficient. 


Government municipalities and office buildings see a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. Each individual brings their own set of germs and bacteria into the facility. Without proper cleaning procedures, these germs can lead to nasty outbreaks and infections – surely disrupting essential everyday government activity. Add to the fact that these facilities are representative of our community. As such, they need to be kept in pristine condition to maintain presentation.

At SJ Services, our team can work with building managers and leadership to create a fully customized plan for your facility. We understand that each government facility, from courtrooms to fire stations, requires their own unique set of cleaning procedures, and our team is more than willing to oblige. This includes overnight janitorial services, porter, and routine deep cleaning.


Do you run a facility in one of these industries? Contact our offices and we’ll set up the perfect cleaning service plan for your property.