Why you should clean your parking garage

Benefits of a Clean Parking Garage

Be honest; you never even considered commercial parking lots or parking garages on your list of things that needed cleaning. People don’t spend very long there – perhaps ten minutes tops if they’re trying to find a good parking spot. So why waste time and resources on having it professionally cleaned?

Well, because it’s one of the most neglected and dirtiest spaces on your property. Trash can be blown in or even left by careless commuters. Floors will be covered in footprints and tire marks. Light bulbs burn out, obscuring people’s vision and putting people in danger of tripping and other accidents. Dirt gets tracked in, cars leak oil, and of course the lines of parking spaces wear away, leaving people unintentionally double-parked and cutting down on the limited space available.

Sounds unappealing? Now think about this; your parking lot or garage is the very first thing people visiting your building most people see, and the very last. As clients and employees come and go, it provides the bookends for their impression of your organization, and by extension, you. 

Knowing this, would you rather it have sparkling curb appeal, or are you content with it being dark and dingy and looking like something out of a horror movie? If you’d rather it be appealing and presentable, it’s important to insure your building’s professional cleaning services include parking lot maintenance.

image of garage cleaning

You’ll be amazed at how drastically your parking garage’s appearance can improve with our services. Even just basic trash pick-up can make a huge difference, but why stop at the bare minimum? Depending on the size and style of your parking lot or garage, our team can complete a whole series of services to help you make that first impression a good one!

Is the interior of your parking garage looking grungy? We can pressure wash the floors, columns, and walls to strip away the dirt and grime that’s accumulated. If you get a lot of vehicle traffic, we can absolutely de-grease oil stains and drips left behind by cars. Perhaps you’re a healthcare office or laboratory. It’s most beneficial for us to disinfect touch points that might be hosting germs and other contaminants. This includes handrails, doorknobs, and elevators.

With enough work and care, your parking garage could very well look practically brand-new! This will result in happier customers and improved morale in your staff, leading to more productivity and potentially better revenue.

Interested in getting your commercial parking garage cleaned up? Contact us to enlist our services!