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Commercial Cleaners Can Help Your Bottom Line

During the hustle-and-bustle of everyday tasks at your workplace, there probably isn’t much time to think about the cleanliness of your office bathrooms, floors, kitchen area, or waiting room. Unfortunately, while you are busy running your business, others (like clients and customers) may be taking notice of the little details, like an overflowing trash barrel in the waiting room, the bathroom that needs to be restocked, or carpets that need vacuuming. 

Hiring commercial cleaners can not only help with these aesthetic issues at your place of business but also help your bottom line when it comes to financing the key components of your office operations. Here’s how. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

The cleanliness of your workspaces conveys a level of professionalism to not only your clients and patrons but to your workforce as well. Remember that first impressions are important. If a client notices unkempt waiting areas or conference rooms that have leftover papers or coffee cups, they may develop a negative impression of the level of professionalism and attention to detail at your organization. 

Clean bathrooms, spotless waiting areas, and client-facing conference rooms should be a top priority in making a good impression on visitors to your building. If your customers are satisfied they tend to remain loyal to your services and brand. Loyal customers mean steady finances for your business. Cleanliness is part of that satisfaction level. 

Increased Productivity

When employees are happy and morale is high, there is an increase in the level of productivity. Unnecessary clutter and untidy work areas have been shown to increase stress levels and can distract employees from doing their actual work.

A clean office may also mean a more organized office as well. When workspaces are organized, your workforce has an easier time finding files, locating equipment, and getting their daily work completed in a timely manner. Organization and high productivity are always good for the bottom line in terms of successful businesses. 

Customized Cleaning 

At S.J. Services we can customize the cleaning needs of your workspace whether you need Day Porters or just regular nightly cleaning. We are able to adjust to your needs and thus save you money in the long run. 

Additionally, our trained cleaning crews are able to identify repairs and upgrades that may be needed before a breakdown occurs, thus saving you the cost of emergency repairs. We keep an eye out for leaks, HVAC issues, and plumbing repairs as we go about our cleaning tasks. 

It may seem like an expense to hire a professional cleaning crew, but our team will be able to keep your organization’s spaces clean while taking on the responsibilities that your workforce doesn’t have time for. Instead of hiring a dedicated cleaner who you will need insurance and training for, hire our team who will customize our cleaning to your needs.