Covid-19 Commercial Cleaning Post-Pandemic

Covid-19 Commercial Cleaning Post-Pandemic

For the past few years, the world has been dealing with the Coronavirus and a global pandemic. It’s been frightening and difficult, but through the experience, people have learned about the value of sanitation and hygiene. S.J. Services rose to this increased demand for high-quality, commercial cleaning in order to keep people safe.

According to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 is no longer a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), but it’s still a threat. That’s why it’s important that the cleaning standards we held ourselves to during the pandemic aren’t dropped. Our clients’ health and safety is important to us, so it’s important to know that our standards have not and will not drop. Here is how we have and continue to clean our clients’ facilities to protect them against the spread of viruses in a post-pandemic world.

Peace-of-Mind Disinfecting Services

During the pandemic, disinfecting services were not only in high demand but required to be more thorough than ever before. It was vital to the health and safety of workers that surfaces be disinfected and cleaned frequently and thoroughly. Just because Covid-19 is no longer regarded as a PHEIC does not mean that we’ll be cutting corners.

Due to the influence of the pandemic, we’ve taken extra care with our training and cleaning procedures. Our teams have been trained on disinfectant issues such as dwell time, cross-contamination, and the proper order of cleanings. This ensures that your facilities are the highest grade of cleanliness possible, granting you peace of mind.

Antiviral Cleaning Technology

Even before the onset of Covid-19, we took disinfection seriously. Our teams have always practiced the application of antimicrobial and antiviral products. With the arrival of the Coronavirus, we upped our game to implement the most advanced and innovative cleaning technology proven to be effective against both viruses and bacteria.

The Silver Defender

High-traffic, touchpoint areas need the most attention, which is why we rely on the Silver Defender antimicrobial protected film. It’s proven to be highly effective against the Human Coronavirus and Covid-19. It also has the bonus benefit of protecting against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

Silver Defender leaves surfaces up to 99.9% cleaner with IONPURE antimicrobial technology. It was developed for high-traffic touchpoint surfaces like railings, door handles, elevator buttons, and faucets. Deceptively simple, the film wraps around the surface and adheres tightly, but is also easily stripped off so it can be reapplied after 90 days for peak effectiveness. 

Victory Innovations® Electrostatic Sprayers

We have always been using antimicrobial and antiviral products to disinfect your facilities. When Covid-19 broke out, we turned to the Victory Innovations® Electrostatic Sprayer and have not looked back.

Electrostatic sprayers are the smarter way to disinfect surfaces. They’re hand-held, fast, easy to use, and proven effective against Covid-19. The sprayers apply a small electrical charge to cleaning solutions when passing through the nozzle, which makes the chemicals adhere to surfaces for a longer period of time.

Halosil Products

Halosil products have proven to be a great combatant against Covid-19. This is especially true of their proprietary HaloMist™ formula. It combines hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with antimicrobial silver ions to destroy a wide variety of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. On top of that, because it has a two-year shelf life, it’s cost-effective as it will be used up before it begins losing effectiveness.

Customizable Cleaning Schedules and Needs

Our post-pandemic cleaning procedures don’t stop at just the procedures and cleaning products. We also make sure our teams clean your facilities on your schedule and to your individual needs. 

We understand that different types of facilities require specific levels of care. For example, a healthcare facility will be exposed to all kinds of germs. This means that it might need more frequent cleaning than an office building. From the exam rooms to the lobby to the waiting room, our team will fully disinfect and sanitize your facility to your satisfaction.

Day Porters

For facilities needing ongoing cleaning and sanitizing all day, our day porter services are essential. They’ll keep high-traffic areas clean and spotless throughout the workday. Common areas such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, and restrooms especially benefit from such services.

Nightly Janitorial Services

If you want your facilities thoroughly cleaned and disinfected overnight, our janitorial services are for you. They’ll give your facilities a deep clean while your staff is out so they won’t interfere with the busy workday. This also ensures that your facilities will be germ-free every morning when your staff comes in.

Post-Pandemic Management

We don’t just leave cleanings to chance, either. The health and safety of our clients is paramount in this post-pandemic world. This is why we have management in place to ensure that cleanings are being done to our, and your, high standards.

image of disinfecting fogging

Supervisors On-Call

Every client is assigned a dedicated Building Supervisor who is responsible for managing staff and daily tasks. This supervisor is available 24 hours a day to respond to any emergency need. This means if someone exposed to Covid-19 has been in your building, you can get in touch with your Building Supervisor to send out emergency cleaning services to disinfect areas they may have been in contact with to disinfect and halt the spread of the virus.

The Building Supervisor is also in close contact with the Area Supervisor is the direct contact with each of our clients. Also available 24 hours a day, they’re responsible for ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services. To do this, they typically visit each site daily to review the facility under active business conditions.

Quality Control

Attention to detail is critical when it comes to keeping the Coronavirus and Covid-19 from spreading. That’s why our Director of Quality control will regularly review your program to ensure our services are meeting your needs. 

Then there are the Quality Control Managers, who provide training sessions of all of our employees. This way everyone we send to your facility is up-to-date on our cleaning and disinfecting procedures and what your specific facility requires. To be sure no one is slacking on their post-pandemic cleaning procedures, Quality Control Managers conduct frequent, unscheduled visits to each client. This way they can review the facility’s conditions and make sure our quality standards are met.

Covid-19 may not be a global pandemic anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still around and a threat. It can still be deadly to the immunocompromised and still set back business with employees needing to call in sick. This is why, even post-pandemic, our procedures will still be protecting your facilities.