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The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and House Cleaning

When you think of commercial cleaning services, you probably assume it’s pretty much the same as house cleaning services, only on a larger scale. People come in, spray down the tables and counters, mop the floor, vacuum carpets, take out the trash, and basically do all the basic cleaning jobs you don’t have the time to do yourself. This is an incorrect assumption. Cleaning offices, healthcare facilities, education centers, and laboratories is very different from even the most thorough of house cleanings. 

Of course, there are some similarities. Both types of cleanings of course remove allergens, dirt, and germs from visible surfaces, promoting a fresher, healthier, more appealing environment. They are also both important for leaving a positive, lasting impression on visitors – you wouldn’t welcome someone into a dirty house any more than a dirty meeting room. But that’s about where the resemblances end.

For starters, there are more duties to fulfill than you’ll find in the average home. Your average house cleaner usually doesn’t restock your bathrooms and supply closets. Nor do they usually receive the advanced training necessary carefully and properly maintain specialized facilities like laboratories and cleanrooms. Plus, our services include property maintenance like landscaping, painting, show-blowing, and other exterior services not usually found in a housekeeper’s contract.

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The next difference you’ll find is that for commercial spaces, you’re going to need more heavy-duty equipment to handle heavy-duty cleaning. Commercial facilities are not only larger but get far more foot traffic than your average house, which means more dirt, grime, and germs get tracked inside. This takes more than just a mop and vacuum; it takes innovative technology to provide quality, efficient, and consistent cleaning services. Equipment used to professionally clean is continually being advanced and improved upon so it’s both easier to use and more efficient, and we make sure to use some of the best, from Silver Defender products to Victory Innovations® Electrostatic Sprayers. We also ensure our staff is highly trained to handle this innovative equipment to ensure the big jobs get done right.

Then there’s the cleaning products themselves. Commercial cleaning products need to be tough to properly disinfect and clean, but not so harsh that they wear down whatever they’re used on too quickly. This is particularly essential for the healthcare facilities and educational buildings we serve, as we understand the importance of preventing illnesses like the flu or Covid-19 from spreading. On top of that, because we need to use substantially more cleaning products on average, our work can risk long-term environmental effects, so we offer green cleaning programs, where we use eco-friendly products as opposed to more traditional chemicals. Not only does this lower our potentially negative impact on the environment, but research shows that the use of these products also improve indoor air quality, leading to health issues among those who work in the building decreasing in the long run.

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