Establishing Basic Cleaning Guidelines in the Workplace


The office kitchen, if not well maintained, can be a breeding ground for not only dirt and germs, but conflict. Oftentimes, the weight of chores can be left to one person if not actively distributed on a regular basis. To avoid conflict in the kitchen (and other spaces), a weekly chore schedule can be helpful to ensure that everyone is doing their part to keep the office clean. 

Designating one person to unload the dishwasher each day, one person to clean and wipe down counters, and another to sweep the floor can be enough to maintain the space until your next round of professional cleaning is due. 

Additionally, having people be responsible for their own mess, such as cleaning their own dishes, labeling and cleaning out their own food from the fridge, can prevent a more intense clean up down the line. 

The Communal Bathroom 

Bathrooms can often be one of the trickiest areas to clean when shared, especially if they are public or shared by a whole floor of offices. Instead of expecting employees to clean the bathrooms, basic hygiene expectations should be upheld and followed. 

Employees should be sure not to discard any feminine products or paper towels in the toilet, as this can cause clogs and severe damage to the septic system. Instead, offering resources such as a trash can in each stall, can prevent people from resorting to such behavior. 

Additionally, posting signs reminding people to keep in mind that the space is communal and to be respectful of the space can never hurt. 

The Common Area 

Common areas are valuable for building camaraderie in a work environment, but often spaces such as these can quickly clutter when everyone utilizes them. In order to prevent this, maintaining the universal rule that everybody leaves the space as they found it can be helpful. As well as providing trash and recycling resources in the same area, which will encourage people to dispose of their garbage instead of leaving it out. 

Additionally, a good Friday afternoon activity can include a communal clean up. Simply put on some good music and if your office allows it, maybe enjoy an adult beverage while everyone does a sweep of the entire office. This will not only act as a bonding activity, but also will reset the office, allowing for a clear headspace come the following Monday. 

Although it is important to maintain a relationship with a professional cleaning service, such as S.J. Services, in the effective management of your office or business- properly establishing a guideline of basic cleanliness with your employees can ensure a clean workspace for everyone.