Autumn curb appeal

Fall Curb Appeal Tips for Your Business

Fall has come so it’s time to up your business’ curb appeal with some seasonal cleaning. Curb appeal is important because it gives visitors a good first impression of your facility. Few people are impressed by a drab building with leaves all over the place and dead grass. So by thinking about your facility’s exterior and using these fall curb appeal tips, you’ll give visitors a positive first impression.

Tip 1. Rake the Leaves

New England is known for its beautiful foliage, but it’s much prettier on the trees than piled up on the ground. When the leaves fall they can make a mess in front of your building. They can cover walkways, create slipping hazards on the sidewalk, and just give an impression that you don’t care about your facility’s appearance.

Raking and disposing of fallen leaves is an easy way to quickly boost your curb appeal. A few colorful leaves dotting the ground here and there is fine, but you’ll want to avoid leaving unsightly piles. This is also a good service to schedule on a regular basis to keep up with the lawn maintenance.

Additional Property Maintenance

Tip 2. Aerate the Grass

This is useful if your building has a courtyard or grassy area that gets a lot of foot traffic. Grass that gets walked on a lot can easily get compacted. Compacted grass tends to not get enough water or nutrients from the soil so it looks sickly and yellow. It can also lead to a lot of puddles forming on the lawn when it rains as the water can’t drain into the earth properly.

Aerating your lawn will help with compaction and leave you with healthier, better-looking grass. It will also result in better-looking grass come spring, so aerating the lawn has great long-term curb appeal benefits as well.

Tip 3. Power Wash the Walkways

Not everyone thinks about their walkway, but it’s a surprisingly crucial part of your curb appeal. The best way to clean it up is to power wash it, as that will get all of the caked in dirt and dead vegetation out of the various cracks and crevices.

Power washing also has the added benefit of keeping your walkway from developing more cracks after a particularly cold and wet winter. When snow melts, it seeps into every crack it can find in your walkway. Then when the weather gets cold, it freezes and expands. If debris like pebbles and dirt are in there when it freezes, they can become embedded in the concrete and create even more cracks, damaging your walkway and making it look unsightly.

Tip 4. Seasonal Decor

A touch of seasonal decoration can really boost your business’ curb appeal. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious, but subtle decor can brighten up your business’ doorway. Planters with late-blooming flowers like chrysanthemums can add a beautiful pop of color without being over-the-top. You can also add decorative pumpkins, a wreath of autumn leaves, or just a nice sign with fall colors. Little things like these will put a smile on your clients’ faces when they stop by the office.

These fall curb appeal tips will hopefully give your business’ exterior the beautifying boost it needs. Our services, from landscaping to power washing, can benefit you year-round. Contact us today to get started.