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Hiring & Training- the SJ Services Difference

Our clients notice it right away. Our employees are one of our greatest strengths. 

Our team members are professionally trained, and it shows. They go through a rigorous hiring and training program to ensure that all of our clients are extremely satisfied with our services whether at a government facility, school, private office space, or a Cleanroom or lab. 

Let’s talk a little bit about what makes our hiring procedures and training programs different from the rest. The difference is noticeable in our ability to clean comprehensively in specialized areas as well as in everyday office spaces. 

Check out the SJ Services difference. 

Notification of Security Issues

Hiring Methods 

To become a member of our team here at SJ Services takes much more than just an interview and a handshake. 

We start with the application process and an interview with the members of our leadership team. From there, we do a comprehensive background check as determined by the state, as well as the Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board for Criminal Offender Record Information, and Sex Offender Registry Information (CORI/SORI). This is done to protect not only the clients we serve but our other valued employees. 

As a part of the hiring process, we check past employer references to determine what type of worker the applicant is. We like to find out about promptness, attention to detail, and how hard-working a candidate is. 

Additionally, we check photo IDs from an accepted government agency for I9 and Social Security cards and verification with the Social Security Administration. 

When a candidate fits the requirements, they will begin a 30-day trial period for all new employees. 

Extensive Training Process 

Not only are our training programs fairly intensive, but they are also ongoing throughout the entirety of your employment at SJ Services. That means that as you learn and take on different cleaning projects you will be trained in how to complete them by leadership or through one of our specialty training programs. 

Based on a model recommended by the Building Services Contractors Association International, our cleaning teams learn the proper handling of all cleaning products, safety procedures, emergency contact protocol, and customer service skills.

These training programs include specialty training in labs and Clean Rooms as well as training and refreshers on safety and product usage best practices: 

  • Spartan Chemical Company Cleaning Training
  • Spartan Cleaning Training on CompuClean® Janitorial Software
  • Advanced and Specialty Training for Cleanrooms and BioTech facilities.
  • Equipment and Product Usage Training
  • Annual Safety Training
  • Monthly Refresher Course


If you are interested in finding out more about our hiring and training procedures, please contact us. Or if you are interested in becoming one of our valued team members check out our career pages online.