How a Clean Workspace Improves Mental Health and Company Culture

Your office space is a key factor in the success of your business. Now that most employees have returned to work in person, it is more important than ever to maintain the cleanliness of your office. Keep reading to find out how important the cleanliness of your work space is to not only the productivity of your employees, but also their mental health and overall company culture. 

Promotes Concentration 

Oftentimes, working a 9 to 5 desk job can be very difficult. Although employees are set up for success with an established work space, surrounded by others who are also in a productive state of being, a considerable amount of clutter can significantly impact the ability of your employees to concentrate on their work. 

Although they may not mention it, if your office is not held to the utmost standard of cleanliness, i.e. clean bathroom facilities, clean kitchen appliances, and well kept desk spaces, employees may become too uncomfortable to properly concentrate and focus on their work.  

Reduces Stress 

Anxiety and stress can often be worsened in environments that people do not feel totally comfortable in. Keeping a clean office will give your employees a calming environment to work in, especially since cleaning will not have to be added to their already very long to-do list. 

If you’re wanting to go the extra mile to create a peaceful environment, having pleasant smells in the air can reduce stress levels, specifically lavender. Purchasing a diffuser that produces vaporized air and using a few drops of lavender essential oil will contribute to a relaxing environment and will likely improve the overall mood and productivity levels. 

Increases Motivation 

Have you ever woken up early on a Sunday morning and got all your chores done early and tidied your home? Did you feel more motivated? Maybe you decided to head to the gym or get some work done, this sort of motivating effect will also occur in the office when you provide your employees with a clean office. 

Less Sick Days

Obviously one of the best benefits of maintaining a clean office that is regularly disinfected is the reduction in germ spread and thus the reduction of illnesses. Promoting a healthy work environment will keep your employees safe, prioritizing their health and also prevent falling behind in work and other challenges that come with a lot of call outs. 

If you are looking to up your office’s cleanliness game in order to improve your overall company culture, consider booking a scheduled professional cleaning service with S.J. Services today.