White paint roller dipping in bucket of white paint.

How Color Theory Can Improve Your Office Space

When you think of an office, what color comes to mind? Eggshell white? Beige? Taupe? Gray? It feels like neutral tones are the default colors for professional spaces, but you have to wonder if these colors are really providing the right sort of energy to your employees.

According to the principles of color psychology, different colors have meaning, either biological or learned, and can induce certain moods and behaviors in people. While this does vary from person to person, generally certain colors bring out certain emotions and behaviors.

This can be a useful tool in a workplace environment. Studies have shown that the color you paint your office walls can influence employee moods, productivity, and motivation. So pick a color and freshen up the office with a new coat of paint!


Considered fresh, clean and modern, white is a great color to make smaller spaces look bigger and more open. Have an office or meeting room you want to feel less cramped and more inviting? Being highly-reflective, white is great for catching light and making a room brighter. However, white on its own can sometimes cause eye strain or feel sterile, so consider going with an off-white to avoid the room becoming harsh and pairing it with a colorful border to make it more fun and exciting.


Another tried-and-true neutral, gray is a color generally associated with balance in office spaces. It pairs well with most office furniture and doesn’t distract or put anyone off. The downside is that it is a color that can be associated with depression and isn’t particularly mentally stimulating. If you go with gray, consider keeping it a lighter shade and fill the room with eye-catching furniture that will pop and stand out, countering the neutral feeling it can induce.


Shades of blue are wonderful for office spaces as they are known to stimulate the mind and improve productivity. Darker blues can create an atmosphere of stability, which is great for an office of an employee who needs to focus on important tasks. Meanwhile lighter blues have a soothing effect, which can make it perfect for break rooms or waiting rooms where people might be keyed up and need to relax.


The color of nature and money, this cool color is often associated with growth, health, and success. It’s a color that, like blue, can encourage calmness and serenity. It’s an excellent color for health service spaces and financial offices to psychologically assure visitors that they’re in the right place and in good hands.


Yellow is a color best used in creative spaces. It’s a color that inspires warmth and optimism, so it’s perfect for marketing spaces and to brighten up areas that might feel dark and dreary. However, it’s also been known to have an effect of making people hungry, so it should be used somewhat sparingly. Perhaps use it as an accent color to gray walls and furniture for a fun and unique room that will inspire employees and keep them focused.

So, are you now inspired to freshen up the workspace with a new coat of paint? Our painting services will transform your space and get your employees excited about their next day in the office!