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How S.J. Services Provides Safe and Secure Cleaning Services

Busy days in the office or at school do not lend themselves to be the best environment for a thorough cleaning. As anyone would, you want to get the most out of your space during the day. This is why hiring a professional cleaning service to come in overnight or after hours is often the best option for businesses and schools who want to maintain a clean environment. 

Allowing someone into your premises during off hours, when everyone has gone home, can be an alarming thought to many people. This is why S.J. Services ensure that our facility maintenance staff are carefully selected and highly trained. Keep reading to find out the extensive process we require each of our specially trained staff to complete before being brought on board. 


The Hiring Process 

Before hiring a candidate we require that each individual pass through the following processes. 

  • A personal interview and screening with our leadership team 
  • Comprehensive background checks as determined by the state, as well as Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board for Criminal Offender Record information and Sex Offender Registry Information (CORI/SORI) 
  • Past employer reference checks
  • Mandatory submission of photo ID from an accepted government agency for I9 
  • Submission of Social Security card and verification with the Social Security Administration 
  • Initial 30-day trial period for all new employees 

This rigid process, though extensive, allows us to be certain that we are sending the best possible staff to each facility, guaranteeing the safety and security of your organization. 


Comprehensive Training 

Once our employees have passed through our screening and hiring process, they are enrolled in our intensive and ongoing training programs before they are placed on the job. Our models are based on a recommendation by the Building Services Contractors Association International. In our training, our teams learn the proper handling of all cleaning products, emergency contact protocol, and customer service skills. 

Some of our training programs include: 

  • Spartan Chemical Company Cleaning Training 
  • Spartan Cleaning training on CompuClean® Janitorial Software 
  • Advanced and Specialty Training for Cleanrooms and Bio Tech facilities 
  • Equipment and Product Usage Training 
  • Annual Safety Training 
  • Monthly Refresher Courses 

By consistently training our staff we are able to improve our performance as a company, thus improving the services we provide for your company. 


Reliable Cleaning Services 

We have been providing professional cleaning services to New England since 1984 and we strive to uphold our high standards. By completing a thorough screening regime and consistently training our employees we are able to guarantee only the best cleaning services that you can trust.

 Our employees are one of our greatest strengths as a company. We have successfully eliminated employee turnover problems that plague many of our competitors through our dedication to our successful training program, strong benefits, and incentive programs. The bottomline- we hire good people that do good work and treat them well. 

Don’t work with a janitorial company that isn’t trustworthy, contact S.J. Services today to book one of our cleaning services that you can have the utmost confidence in.