Lawn Services for Your Office

Lawn Services for Your Office

If your office building has a lawn, you need to ensure it’s well taken care of. After all, a lush, green, manicured lawn is a major asset to your business’s curb appeal. You want your clients to feel like you care about your business, and how your property is maintained is a reflection of that.

But what can S.J. Services do for your lawn? Our landscaping services include options for essential lawn care that will surely improve your building’s aesthetics. 

Lawn Mowing

We all know lawn mowing as the standard outdoor chore that we hire others to do when we can. But why do we do it? Well, overgrown grass and weeds simply look unkempt. When you see a house or building with an overgrown lawn, you immediately assume that either the building is unoccupied or that the owners don’t really care about upkeep. That’s not an image you want to convey to your clients and employees.

We’ll mow your lawn on a routine schedule so it never gets above a certain length. This will keep the grass looking fresh and maintained and keep the weeds at bay. During the hot summer months, we ensure it isn’t cropped too short, either. Grass cut too short can burn and look just as unkempt as an unmowed lawn, so we work hard to keep that balance.

landscapers cutting grass


Grass is rebellious and loves to creep into garden beds, pathways, and anywhere else it can grow. Edging provides a sharp, crisp edge along sidewalks and walkways. It’s a key way to make your business’ lawn look clean and professional.

Edging is considered a fairly high-maintenance aspect of landscaping, so it’s not one you’ll want to take on yourself to save money. This is because it’s not a job you can do once and then forget about. Once you’ve established an edge, it has to be maintained regularly, otherwise it will lose its definition and clean look.

Lawn Aeration

If your grass is beginning to look stressed or your soil is hard to the touch, the lawn might be compacted. Compaction inhibits the growth of the grass’ roots by preventing air, water, and nutrients from getting into your soil. This results in the grass looking sickly and you might also find large puddles on the lawn when it rains. Neither of these is appealing. Compaction is a common issue if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, but it can be solved with aeration.

Aerating a lawn is when the soil is repeatedly perforated with holes. This allows air and water to seep in more easily, which will result in a far more lush, greener lawn. It typically only needs to be done once or twice a year, but it’s something that is better done by professionals with specialized equipment. They’ll be able to do a more consistent, even job that will ensure your lawn will remain healthy and vibrant even as the weather changes.

Your building’s lawn may seem like a minor thing to care about, but when it’s not maintained properly, it can leave the wrong impression. Contact us today about our landscaping services and get your grass looking greener and neater.