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Managing Floor Care for Your Business or School 

If you own a business, manage the cleaning of buildings within a school system, or contract out cleaning services for organizations, you know that one of the largest square footage cleaning areas is the floor. SJ Services knows how to clean and sanitize floors for all types of businesses including schools, office buildings, and even Cleanrooms and laboratories, from hardwood floors to linoleum and carpeting. 

Why Businesses and Schools Go With Professionals

Cleaning a floor may seem like it should be a straightforward and fairly routine chore. Unfortunately, each floor type requires a different type of floor cleaner. If you notice that your floors don’t look as clean as they should, you might be using the wrong type of product on them. 

There are specific cleaning products and techniques that should be used on floors such as laminate, hardwood, Marmoleum, Terrazzo, Granite, or Parque. Our team at SJ Services knows how to clean a variety of floors so they shine like new. 

Additionally, professional floor cleaners will have all of the tools that are required to get the floors looking sparkling clean on the schedule you want whether it is nightly, weekly, or a special event cleaning. Special floor cleaning machines are not inexpensive and often need the know-how to operate them skillfully. 

For carpets and specialty flooring, SJ Services offers truck-mounted cleaning equipment and uses industrial cleaning capabilities which can clean entire carpets or spot clean specific trouble areas. This is especially helpful for schools with carpeting that may need spills or accidents cleaned up regularly. 

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Floor Safety 

Commercial and industrial businesses are always concerned about the safety of their employees and clients. Maintaining cleaned and safe flooring is imperative to the success of any business. 

As long as business owners take action when a floor needs repair or has a spill or another safety hazard they are not directly liable for any slip or fall that may occur. That’s why having a regular janitorial crew handle floor mishaps and specialty crews take care of regular cleaning is important to the reputation and success of the business. 

Special Events 

Schools and businesses often host special events that require extra cleaning of the floors that may have accumulated dirt and grime as well as scuff marks. SJ Services can complete a comprehensive cleaning for your one-time event or a yearly cleaning for times such as “back-to-school” cleaning, but we can also include it in a contract for janitorial services. 

Being on a floor cleaning schedule means your building will shine regularly. 

If you are interested in learning more about our floor care services, reach out for a free facility maintenance consultation, or more information, please contact Dan Shea at (351) 201-9276 or