Prepare for Fall with These Cleaning Services

Summer is coming to a close, so it’s time to start scheduling cleaning services to prepare for fall. It’s a wonderful time of year in New England – leaves turn vibrant colors while the air becomes crisp. But this wonderful season comes with its own specific tasks that should be taken care of so you can enjoy the season. Consider these fall cleaning tasks that our teams can take care of for you.

Rake the Leaves

If your property has lush, beautiful trees either on the grounds or nearby, you will of course notice them falling all over your lawn. This can be lovely and charming at first, with the colors adding some brightness to the ground. However, it becomes much less idyllic after it’s been raining and the leaves begin to rot and lose their vibrancy. In fact, it quickly becomes a soggy mess.

Schedule our leaf raking services to clean up these leaves so they don’t end up bringing down your building’s curb appeal. In fact, you should schedule this service regularly throughout the fall to ensure the leaves don’t build up. Layers and layers of packed leaves are much harder to clean up, turning what could be a quick and simple job into a major ordeal.

Check for Pests

Fall is the time when mice and other small animals start preparing for the winter, finding the warmest, safest nooks and crannies to turn into nests and store food in. Unfortunately, some of the best hidey-holes could be in your building.

Because of this, you need to be on the lookout for signs your office has pests. This could range from noticing chewed furniture and food, to droppings, to actually seeing the critters. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a local exterminator, then schedule our cleaning services to handle any leftover mess.

Or, instead of waiting until an infestation is found, you can take preventative measures by hiring us for regular cleanings. Pests getting ready to hole up for the winter are naturally drawn towards places with lots of food and supplies they can make their nests with. So having janitorial or day porter services that can empty trash cans, clean up crumbs, and keep the place tidy can discourage any unwelcome guests from making themselves at home.


Aerate the Lawn

If you’re keeping your lawn free of leaves, you should try to keep the grass looking fresh and healthy, too. So take a look around at your facility’s lawn. Does the grass look yellow and sickly? Do you get a lot of puddles forming when it rains? Is the ground hard to the touch? Then your lawn has compaction problems, and you’re going to need some aeration services.

Lawn aeration can turn a hard, sickly lawn healthy simply by punching holes throughout the ground. This will allow air and water to flow more easily to the roots of the grass, giving them the essential nutrients they need and leaving you with a more lush lawn. This is best handled in early fall, and our landscaping teams have the special equipment to get this done quickly and easily.

Fall is a beautiful time, and you’ll appreciate it more when you know you’ve got high-quality commercial cleaning services keeping your property in top shape. Don’t wait until summer is over – contact us today to lock in your fall cleaning schedule.