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The Benefits of Window Cleaning at Your Workplace 

As a professional cleaning business, we know the importance of keeping your workplace clean and disinfected from the litany of bacteria and viruses that can plague an office every winter. But did you know that beyond emptying trash, disinfecting bathrooms, and sanitizing high-traffic touchpoints, our cleaners can clean your office windows resulting in many benefits for your team and the impression it makes on clients as well? 

The proverb that ‘the eyes are windows into the soul’ conveys the idea that you can understand a person’s emotions and sometimes thoughts by looking into his or her eyes. For your brick-and-mortar storefront business, the windows and outdoor presentation of your workplace are similar in terms of the impression you are making on your clients and patrons. Your windows are the literal and figurative windows into the type of business you operate. 

Person cleaning glass with sponge

Making a Positive First Impression 

Before your clients walk into your business they already have an impression of your workplace by the cleanliness of your windows as they enter. Are those windows and doors dirty and grimy with fingerprints and residue from the last storm still plastered on the glass? Well, that’s not going to make a positive first impression now, is it? 

The windows of your workplace can tell your clients quite a bit about your operations and your ability to pay attention to small details. Make sure that the first impression is a good one with windows that sparkle and allow for a clear view of your products, services, or workplace. 

Removes Allergens 

If any of your employees or clients have allergies (and they probably do), maintaining clean windows is a smart way to remove allergens that can make your workplace healthier. Allergens such as hair, dust, pollen, skin dander, and other allergens often gather on the windowsills and on the glass inside and outside your organization’s building. 

Additionally, the crevices of windows and windowsills that see an accumulation of moisture and humidity can begin to grow mold. This is not only unsightly but unhealthy for your employees and clients alike. 

Thorough and regular cleanings can help prevent the accumulation of dust and debris as well as the potential growth of mold. 

Person spraying disinfect

Boosting Productivity 

Research indicates that natural light helps improve mood substantially as well as boost productivity. Additionally, it can also help reduce eye strain, making it easier for your employees to stay on track during the workday.

According to Illuminated Integration, “simply being exposed to natural light regularly throughout the day via an office window may help the body’s circadian rhythms stay in sync, which improves mood and well-being.”

Does your business news a one-time window cleaning or would you like to add the service on to your current cleaning services we already perform? Talk to our team supervisors about how we can regularly care for the windows at your workplace.