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The Germiest Places in Schools

Schools are known as Petri dishes of germs. The combination of many children and lots of colds and runny noses can lend itself to the spread of a litany of bacterial infections, viruses, and the common cold. 

But where in a school building are the germiest places to avoid? 

Let’s explore what science tells us about some of the germiest places in schools and how S.J. Services can help. As the number one cleaner of educational facilities in New England, we know a thing or two about what areas are germy in order to help us pinpoint critical areas that need commercial cleaning and disinfection.


Student Bathrooms 

Given the nature of schools, it may seem obvious that the bathroom may be on top of many people’s lists of the germiest locations in any school. 

Think about the mere nature of what happens in the restrooms and how children are not always known for following good hygiene such as hand washing and it makes sense. 

Not to unsettle any readers, but there are millions of germs in any given bathroom at any given time. For instance, Bathroom City reports that “there are around 200 million bacteria per square inch on each hand after you visit the average bathroom. Scary right? Not only are there hundreds of millions of them but they can travel across your bathroom, to the sink and the door handles.” 

The average toilet has 3,000 bacteria per square inch and the typical door handle and light switch in the same room have an extremely high bacterial count. 

Media Labs & Computer Rooms 

Public and private schools alike often have media rooms or computer rooms where students can access the internet or complete schoolwork. These rooms may seem physically clean but they often have millions of germs on the counters and the keyboards which multiple students from varying classrooms and grades use. 

Cleaning these keyboards and technical equipment may be a job for a professional cleaning company that knows how to properly disinfect these pieces of equipment without harming the devices. 

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School Cafeterias 

We all know how school cafeterias work. They typically handle many grades that use the same tables and chairs as well as school lunch trays. These surfaces can be hotbeds of germs after hundreds of students have touched them. 

Cleaning cafeteria tables, chairs, and surfaces are important steps in keeping schools healthy and as germ-free as possible. 

The Nurses Office 

This location for being one of the germiest places in a school makes absolute sense. Where do students go when they are sick? The nurse’s office, of course. 

This puts this space at real risk for some of the worst germs found in a school from the latest version of the stomach bug to the flu. 

As the top cleaner for schools across New England, we know how important it is to keep schools free of as many germs as possible. Talk to our team about cleaning services we can offer your educational building from preschools and elementary schools to higher education buildings.