The Importance of Safety And Security for Our Clients

The Importance of Safety And Security for Our Clients

Whether you’re a doctor’s office, a school, or a food processing facility, safety and security are important to you. When you hire your staff, you carefully consider your candidates’ resumes and qualifications, do thorough screenings, and pick and choose who you give access to your building. You train them yourself and can trust them to understand the needs and delicate matters of the facilities.

However, when you hire a commercial cleaning service to take care of your janitorial needs, you may be concerned as you won’t have that knowledge or control. Can you really trust outsiders around your sensitive documents or dangerous equipment?

Keep calm. To give you peace of mind, we have several safety and security measures in place to protect our clients and staff alike.

Comprehensive Background Checks

When someone applies to join our cleaning team, we conduct thorough state background checks in accordance with individual state regulations before they’re even put on the payroll. We also conduct security checks through the Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board for Criminal Offender Record Information, and Sex Offender Registry Information. After all, we know our clients include hospitals, government facilities, and schools. It’s important to ensure the safety of confidential health records, government documents, and children.

On top of that, we have zero-tolerance policies for the use of drugs and alcohol. Regular screenings are conducted on all employees to ensure no one is inebriated on the job. We also have zero tolerance for theft, so clients can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their valuables are safe.

Team Member Identification

Advanced Employee Training

So you know the people we hire are clean, but your facility still might have dangerous equipment or needs specific cleaning procedures done. Well, competency isn’t an issue with our teams. We don’t train our employees once and call it a day. We provide initial, ongoing, and refresher training courses for our teams, so the latest procedures and guidelines are always fresh in their minds.

If you’re a facility that requires specialty cleaning, like a BioTech firm with cleanrooms, we have that covered, too. Cleanrooms in particular require special equipment, procedures, and even an order in which to clean, so we ensure our staff receives advanced training before being sent out to your facility.

Supervision and Identification

So our teams are thoroughly screened and trained, but you might still be feeling cautious about safety and security. We understand, which is why our security measures continue even beyond hiring and training. 

For starters, each team and their supervisors will be assigned to the same facilities each day. If there is ever a substitute team member, you’ll be notified of the staff change. This means you’ll be able to develop some familiarity with the cleaners who enter and exit your building.

Speaking of familiarity, team members will wear both a uniform and an identification badge that will allow you and others to identify them as part of our teams. On top of that, they’re trained to notice and report any security issues to a supervisor to protect both the team and the client. From there, we’ll work with you to handle the situation safely.

You should never have to compromise on your building’s safety or security. That’s why we employ only those with clean background checks, a willingness to keep learning, and an understanding of the importance of our clients’ peace of mind. For a safe, secure commercial cleaning staff, contact us today.