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The Importance of Touchpoint & Surface Cleaning 

Over the past two and a half years. We have all learned the importance of regular hand washing and disinfecting high-traffic touchpoints like elevator buttons, door knobs, and work surfaces. Minimizing the spread of the virus that causes covid-19 has become a top priority in our collective minds, even as the numbers seem to be improving over the last few months. 

Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing surfaces and common touchpoint areas should be something that businesses set as a priority for their employees and clients. 

Think of the number of surfaces you touch in just one day at work doorknobs, door handles, keyboards, printers, chairs, bathroom facilities, and the list could go on and on. With proper cleaning and disinfection services, your workspace can be a safe environment for everyone who works there and those who visit. 

What Is Touchpoint Cleaning? 

Key areas of the workplace tend to see more traffic and “touch” from visitors and employees alike. Places like doors, entryways, light switches, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, desktops, stair railings, and keyboards come to mind when considering common touch points throughout the office. These high-frequency locations are considered touchpoints in the world of professional cleaning and disinfection. 

Every time a new person touches these areas the possibility exists that they leave germs or disease. Touchpoint cleaning, therefore, becomes a must for businesses that have many hands touching common areas throughout the day. 

Zero Tolerance Policies

Benefits of Touchpoint Cleaning 

With the prospect of touching the same places as all of your co-workers, it is a smart idea to have your cleaning company specialize in disinfecting for diseases such as coronavirus. 

Reduce the Spread of Germs 

The number one reason to continually clean, sanitize, and disinfect these frequently used locations, especially within the last couple of years, is to reduce the spread of germs from one person to another. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “The virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces. People can become infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes. In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low. The most reliable way to prevent infection from surfaces is to regularly wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can also reduce the risk of infection.”

The CDC recommends cleaning more frequently or disinfecting in addition to cleaning in shared spaces if the space:

  •  Is a high-traffic area, with a large number of people.
  • Is poorly ventilated.
  • Does not provide access to hand washing or hand sanitizer.
  • Is occupied by people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Lessens Absenteeism in the Workforce 

If your employees are sick, they should not be coming to work. If the building they work in is not regularly cleaned, all it takes is one sick co-worker to spread the cold, flu, or virus to others. This can then cause a snowball effect of absenteeism with co-workers passing an illness around and around. 

A clean and sanitized building, including surface areas that see frequent use and touchpoints, can help lessen the number of employees getting sick and calling out. A healthy workforce is imperative to having a successful business. 

Increases Employee Morale 

Knowing that your workplace is clean and well maintained, especially with specialized sanitation protocols, can make employees and visitors feel more comfortable coming into the building. The positive morale of your workforce can make a huge difference in the productivity and efficiency of your business. 

Not only will regular cleaning make the aesthetics of your workplace improve, but the knowledge that areas are being sanitized to reduce the spread of germs can greatly improve the comfort level and morale of those who work and visit your workspace. 

Peace of Mind 

In this world of worry about what pandemic might come next, it’s nice to have a little peace of mind about the places you visit and work. Professional-grade touchpoint and surface cleaning can mean one less thing to worry about in our overly-stressed global world. 

It’s no surprise that the mental health of our society has plummeted over the past few years due to worries about illness for ourselves and our loved ones. Knowing that a workplace is regularly cleaned and disinfected can give your entire workforce a sense of security and peace of mind that they are well cared for by leadership and management. 

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