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What Is a Day Porter & Why Is the Service Important for Businesses? 

What kind of first impression does your business make on guests and clients who frequently access your offices or office building? Are the floors shining? Is the trash emptied regularly? Are the bathrooms restocked on a set schedule during working hours? Is the conference room set up and ready to go for your big meeting? 

These are all tasks that fall to a daytime cleaning service called Day Portering. Let’s take a look at what Day Porters do and why your business needs them to put forth a positive first impression on guests, visitors, clients, and the entirety of your workforce. 

What is a Day Porter? 

A Day Porter is primarily responsible for making sure that your business or office complex is clean, looks professional, and is inviting to guests and visitors at all times. That includes your operating hours when cleaning crews are not usually present. Therefore, Day Portering takes place during business hours and is done fairly discreetly without interfering with your company’s daily activities. 
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What Tasks Does a Day Porter Do? 

While SJ Services customizes cleaning tasks for each of our clients, there are some fairly common tasks that many businesses request from Day Porters. These include: 

  • Tidying lobbies and entrance areas. 
  • Cleaning bathrooms. 
  • Emptying trash in common areas. 
  • Restocking bathrooms. 
  • Removing safety hazards such as mopping a wet entry floor on a rainy day. 
  • Cleaning conference rooms between meetings. 
  • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces. 
  • Clean waiting areas or kitchenettes. 
  • Assist with a meeting set up and clean up. 
  • Respond to cleaning emergencies. 

The Importance of a Day Porter Service 

Unlike a Janitorial Service that usually occurs during the evening or night hours when the business is not open and sees low traffic, a Day Porter cleans continually during office hours. This allows for spills, overflowing trash, and bathroom restocking while the business remains in motion. 

When an urgent task presents itself like a mess in the conference room or rainwater in the entryway (that could cause a slip and fall), a Day Porter has the tools and time to take care of it immediately. 

Not only does a Day Porter improve the overall appearance of a business office or facility, but the service also helps with sanitizing and preventing the spread of illness with the constant cleaning of common areas and high-traffic areas. Safety is also maintained with a Day Porter checking the bathrooms, hallways, and entrances for hazards that could impede the health of employees or visitors to the facility. 

When employees know the building is well cared for and that cleanliness is a top priority, there is a huge sense of pride in the business and the brand name. Talk to our team today about how valuable a Day Porter Service could be for your organization.