Electrostatic spraying, cleaning technology

What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

For some commercial cleaning companies, it’s enough to just wipe down a surface with disinfectant and say it’s clean. However, that’s far from good enough for S.J. Services. When you employ our high-quality cleaning services, you get the best in today’s cleaning technology. This includes cleaning with electrostatic sprayers.

Electrostatic cleaning is an innovative cleaning method that makes use of electrostatic sprayers. These hand-held sprayers work by applying a small electrical charge to cleaning solutions when passing through the nozzle. This makes cleaning solutions adhere easier and stick to surfaces for longer periods of time.

Depending on the manufacturer or model, the typical electrostatic sprayer consists of a sprayer gun, a rechargeable battery pack, and a refillable container for the disinfectant. These commercial-grade electrostatic sprayers are effective for cleaning, but should only be used by trained professionals like members of our teams.

Effective Against Covid-19

Even before the pandemic, our teams used antimicrobial and antiviral products to disinfect your facilities. Electrostatic sprayers are easy, fast, and effective to use whether disinfecting surfaces or applying insect repellent to office plants. 

One of the major benefits of electrostatic cleaning is that it has proven to be effective against Covid-19. The fine, charged mist covers the entirety of any surface it’s sprayed on, completely disinfecting it and killing the virus. This means that by using electrostatic sprayers, we’re keeping your facilities safe with every spray.


Used in Combination with Halosil Products

Electrostatic sprayers are great, but they’re at their peak effectiveness when used with a complimentary cleaning solution. That’s why we use Halosil products with our electrostatic sprayers to remove the threat of bacterial and viral particles. Their proprietary HaloMist™ formula combines hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with antimicrobial silver ions. This creates a disinfectant that destroys a wide variety of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Electrostatic Sprayers are Extra Efficient

When it comes to commercial cleaning, whether we’re disinfecting healthcare facilities, schools, or offices, we strive to be both thorough and efficient. Electrostatic sprayers reduce the amount of time spent disinfecting surfaces, as they can hit more surfaces at once in each room. That, and the charged solution also wraps itself around a surface, covering all areas, including the backsides and undersides of objects.

This all saves valuable minutes spent cleaning, which add up. Rooms get cleaner more quickly, and our teams can finish the job fast without sacrificing quality.

Another way electrostatic sprayers are efficient is in how much cleaning solution they use. Tests have shown that electrostatic sprayers use 70% less chemicals than a traditional trigger sprayer. When you add that to the two-year shelf life of Halosil products, we can reduce the cost of restocking supplies. As this is one of the longest shelf lives of any cleaning solution, you’re sure to use it up before it loses effectiveness, even with how much less product electrostatic sprayers need to use.

When you want cleaning services that keep your office sanitary without losing out on efficiency and cost, you need to employ cleaning services that use electrostatic sprayers.