Beyond services: what a commercial cleaning company should offer

What to Look for In A Cleaning Company Beyond Services

So, it’s your job to choose a commercial cleaning company to handle your facilities’ maintenance needs. You might think this is an easy task. After all, it’s just about finding a company that offers the services you need, right? Wrong. There is more to selecting a cleaning crew than that. Here are the things you need to look for in a professional cleaning company beyond just their services.

Numerous Quality Control Procedures

First and foremost, cleaning services aren’t worth much if they aren’t done well. That’s why we put numerous quality control procedures in place. This ensures that our clients receive the professional cleaning their business needs on the schedule they require.

For starters, we have regular quality checks done by a dedicated Building Supervisor, an Area Supervisor, and a Director of Quality Control. That’s at least three people making sure that you’re getting the quality services that you’re paying for. The Building Supervisor in particular manages the cleaning team, checks that all tasks are completed, and is available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies, and keeps in contact with the Area Supervisor daily regarding any additional service requests. Meanwhile, the Director of Quality Control personally reviews every client’s program regularly to ensure that our services are meeting your needs.

All of these quality control procedures keep our clients satisfied and happy with our services. No detail is overlooked, no matter how small, and everyone is held accountable.

Safety & Security Measures

Another thing to look for in a professional cleaning company is security. This is especially vital if you’re a healthcare provider, government building, or even an office that might have sensitive client information. We get it – we’re outsiders coming into your facility. You need to be sure that you can trust us. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to safety and security.

Our safety and security procedures protect our clients as much as our valued team members. For starters, everyone we hire goes through comprehensive background checks to ensure we’re bringing on the right people. This includes security checks through the Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board for Criminal Offender Record information, and Sex Offender Registry Information (CORI/SORI).

We don’t just stop at assembling the right team, however. Each of our team members and supervisors are assigned to the same facilities every day, wearing both a uniform and identification badge. This is so you know who they are, that they’re supposed to be at your facility, and to develop trust. The team has also been trained to identify and report any security issues they might encounter. This way the supervisor can keep you informed and work with you to handle any suspicious activity.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Use Innovative Cleaning Technologies

Finally, when looking for a cleaning company, you need someone who uses innovative cleaning technology. In a post-pandemic world, your employees deserve nothing less than a clean, safe environment. Ordinary mops and bleach no longer cut it.

We use the latest cleaning technology, including the Silver Defender antimicrobial products. This film has been scientifically proven to kill the Human Coronavirus and Covid-19. We also use Halosil with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers, which means this cleaning solution sticks to environmental surfaces for longer, killing germs all the while. Products like these mean that touchpoints in high-traffic areas of your facility remain sanitized for longer, preventing the spread of germs.

A cleaning company should offer great services, but we offer that and more. Contact us today to discuss your facility’s needs and begin scheduling.