The training and tools needed to professionally service cleanrooms

Why Cleanrooms Need Specialized Services

If you work in an industry like pharmaceuticals, technology, or biological research, your facility probably has a cleanroom. They’re an essential tool as they’re designed to minimize contamination, direct airflow, and protect the technology or samples contained in them. But cleanrooms must be cleaned in order to keep their effectiveness, and thus, a cleaning time is called on.

But a cleanroom needs specialized services. To ensure everything remains as sterile as possible, specific cleaning procedures and a trained staff who can carry out the job properly are required. Otherwise, whatever projects are being worked on or samples are being studied could end up contaminated and useless.

Procedures and Training

It’s imperative that, our teams understand the exact procedures required and expected by our clients. That’s why we discuss them with you first, and ensure our teams understand exactly what must be done and why. This is also why our team is fully trained to Federal and ISO Class Rating standards, so they can carry out the job properly.

The Right Clothing for the Job

Everyone on our cleaning teams wear uniforms and identification. However, those who work with cleanrooms know that you need specific apparel to do the job right. After all, a cleanroom must be a controlled environment, so only certain things can be allowed inside.

Lint-free shoe coverings, disposable gloves, safety glasses, surgical masks, hair and beard covers, and special gowns are all required when it comes to even setting foot into a cleanroom. When we’re done, the apparel will be cleaned or disposed of to prevent contaminants being brought in during the next scheduled cleaning.

cleaning a cleanroom in a biolab

Specific Cleaning Equipment and Products

Then, of course, there is the equipment and cleaning products used for a cleanroom. A mop and generic cleaning solution won’t do the job right. In fact, they might contaminate the space rather than sterilize it. Any cleaning products used need to work for a wide spectrum of microbes while being safe and efficient. They also need to be fast-drying and not leave behind any residues. For some classifications of cleanrooms, the cleaning products might even need to be validated in pharmaceutical facilities and even filtered or sanitized. 

The equipment must be just as sterile and specialized. Cleaning rags and scrubs are instantly a no-go, with only cleanroom-specific mops made of non-shedding materials permitted. We’ll discuss with you what specific products are needed for your cleanroom and ensure that it’s the only type used.

Cleanrooms aren’t just any ordinary room, and as such require specialized cleaning. SJ Services is here to provide you with high-quality cleaning services that match these exacting specifications. We do the job correctly and carefully to ensure that the cleanroom’s space remains controlled so your facilities can continue to do their good work.