Don’t Skimp on Cleaning School Facilities this Summer

For schools, summer vacation is nearly upon us, which means the students, whether they’re elementary school aged or in university, will be heading off to have fun while the teachers plan next year’s lessons. This also means the classrooms, bathrooms, and other school facilities will be empty for up to ten weeks. This might tempt you to put the cleaning services on hold for a while, but in fact, this time period where the school is virtually empty is perfect for giving the facilities a deep clean.

After all, with the hectic cleaning schedule and extra dirt and germs students coming in and out of the school, it’s hard to give every nook and cranny the deep clean and disinfectant it deserves. So this summer, here are three places in the school you should have your professional cleaning and janitorial services give some extra attention to.

school bus


Classrooms are the heart of the education system and the room with the most student activity. While classrooms are kept clean year-round, when they’re empty of students for a long period of time, it’s best to give them a deep, thorough cleaning, from polishing the floor to sanitizing all the desks and cubbies. Children and even young adults quite commonly are spreaders of germs so it’s best to keep bacteria and viruses from festering.


Bathrooms are a part of the school that is always getting dirty and frequently needs extra maintenance due to both usage and the nature of what goes on in there. Summer vacation is the perfect time to give the facilities an upgrade. This can mean replacing locks and hinges on the stall doors, checking the toilets and sinks for leaks or clogs, or installing Smart Soap Dispensers and paper towel dispensers to alert janitorial staff of low product throughout the day. This will ensure the students come back to clean, working bathrooms which will encourage good hygiene practices and boost morale.

Teacher’s Lounge

Teachers work hard throughout the school day, and the teacher’s lounge is their place to relax and unwind for a few minutes between classes. It’s an important place to not overlook, as teachers can be just as likely as the students to be carrying germs and viruses due to high exposure. Wipe down tables, clean out and scrub the refrigerator, and steam-clean and vacuum the carpet and furniture upholstery.


The cafeteria and dining commons is the part of the school that sees the highest volume of students and teachers at once. It’s where food is eaten, lots of unmasked talking is done, and there are just so many surfaces that can get dirty that could use a thorough sanitizing. Tables can be scrubbed down, the kitchen can be cleaned and equipment taken stock of, and the staff can return to facilities that smell lemony-fresh.

So don’t send your janitorial staff on a vacation – take the summer to give your school a deep clean so when the students return to school in the fall, they’ll have a healthy, sparkling-clean new year.