The Essentials of Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

When people walk into a healthcare facility, whether it be the waiting room, cafeteria, or exam room, they expect it to be clean. Dental and medical offices are hubs for the sick, which unfortunately makes them a breeding ground for germs.

Medical and dental offices can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to cleaning. This is why it’s important to employ professional cleaning services that can keep high-traffic areas clean. Here are a few of the cleaning essentials for any healthcare facility.

Sterilize Everything

If there’s any place that’s expected to have an abundance of illnesses, it’s medical facilities. Patients cough, sneeze, bleed, and more, which can easily cause bacteria and viruses to spread. Doctors, too, can easily pass on the germs they’re regularly exposed to.

This is why it’s vital to disinfect as many things as possible, especially in the high-traffic areas of a healthcare facility. Pay special attention to touch-points like door handles, elevator buttons, and stair rails. An abundance of germy hands will touch these on any given day, so it’s important to sanitize them thoroughly and frequently.

Clean floors are also necessary. Any number of bodily fluids might end up on the floors of exam rooms and bathrooms. This is why regular mopping and disinfecting is required to remove possible biohazards.

Calming Waiting Rooms

When people are in a waiting room, they’re generally anxious. They’re wondering what’s wrong with them, or worried about a loved one, or hoping that they won’t catch something else while their immune system is fighting off some other illness. An easy way to help them stay calm is to keep the room clean. They’ll be more trusting that they’re in good hands if surfaces in the waiting room have clearly been recently sterilized.

For an extra step towards keeping your patients calm, consider the color of your walls. Color can have a psychological impact on people, so it doesn’t hurt to incorporate a color scheme that might positively affect waiting patients. People might think of white when they imagine hospitals and doctors, but the waiting room is where you have a chance to include a pop of color. Green and light blue are both considered calming colors and are ideal for medical waiting rooms.

Highly-Trained Staff

Our cleaning and maintenance staff is highly trained in health and safety precautions specific to medical offices. We won’t send just anyone to clean your healthcare facility, either. We ensure the assigned building supervisor and cleaning staff are specially trained to your building’s individual requirements.

From cleaning the exam rooms, to lobby and waiting areas, our team will use the latest products to keep your facility clean. We use innovative and efficient cleaning technology proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We use products like Electrostatic Sprayers to clean exam rooms and cafeteria tables alike to eliminate germs. In high-traffic areas, we wrap touch-points in antimicrobial products like Silver Defender film. We are dedicated to keeping the highest standards of health and safety for your healthcare facility.