Bedside table and white bed in hotel room.

How to Tell A Hotel Has Been Professionally Cleaned

It’s easy to tell if a hotel room has been properly cleaned. The bed has been made, the complimentary toiletries have been restocked, maybe there’s even a mint on your pillow. But there’s more to clean in a hotel than just the rooms. The lobby, dining room, public bathrooms, and hallways all must be cleaned, but does the hotel staff do all that too?

Oftentimes, no. Housekeeping and commercial cleaning are often entirely different kinds of cleaning jobs. Different equipment and products are used, and specific training is required depending on the exact facilities. To ensure their housekeeping staff can focus on making the rooms presentable for guests, many hotels outsource cleaning common areas to us.

We understand that a guest’s lasting impression of a hotel is more than just the room. That’s why we put extra care into the cleaning needs of the hospitality industry.

Walk into A Pristine Lobby

The hotel room might be where you spend most of your time, but the lobby is your first impression of a hotel. Would you want to even check into your room if the lobby wasn’t clean and inviting? We ensure guests walk into a lobby that boasts the highest level of cleanliness possible.

Buffered floors, polished front desks, washed windows, and vacuumed carpets are great clues that a cleaning service has been at work. Sitting areas are tidy and welcoming, with upholstered furniture that show no signs of stains.

Public Restrooms are Clean and Stocked

A dirty public bathroom is by far one of the most unpleasant places to walk into. And who hasn’t feared running out of toilet paper or soap? It can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety for hotel guests looking to relax.

That’s why we install Smart Dispensers in the bathrooms we serve. These autonomous dispensers alert our team when products like paper towels and hand soap have run low. The team also makes regular checks of the trash, restocks toilet paper, and mops up water spills. If you see a pristine bathroom in a hotel, you know we’ve been there.



Disinfected Touch-points

How many times in a day do you think a door handle gets touched? What about stair rails or elevator buttons? The fact is, high-traffic, touch-point areas should be cleaned frequently and have special antimicrobial protections in place. This has become even more vital since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

A great sign that the hotel takes the spread of germs seriously is finding Silver Defender products adhered to touch-points. These products have been tested and shown to protect against bacteria, mold, and mildew. It’s also been proven to kill the Human Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Polished Hallway Floors

Hallways are high-traffic areas but are often overlooked. Their cleanliness is taken for granted but it’s noticeable when they’re anything but. It’s why our team makes sure to buffer the floors and vacuum the carpets at regular intervals. It’s also why they check for discarded trash that might have been tossed aside. If there’s a particularly active block of rooms due to weddings or conferences, they will adjust their routines accordingly to ensure these occupied areas receive extra attention.

Really, the best way to know we’ve been cleaning up your hotel is by what you don’t see. There are no overflowing trash cans or wet bathroom floors. No stains on the carpet or furniture. No disgruntled guests complaining about the lack of paper towels. Contact us today to employ our hospitality cleaning services and ensure your hotel leaves a lasting, positive impression.