How to Tell Your Workplace is Clean

How to Tell Your Workplace is Clean

We all want to work in a clean workplace, whether it’s an office, a government building, or a food processing facility. But sometimes you might wonder if a building is professionally cleaned or if your coworkers just aren’t messy. After all, most commercial cleaning services come during times when employees aren’t around so neither side gets in the way of the other. So how can you tell your workplace is clean? 

There are a few simple signs to look out for to tell if your workplace is clean thanks to a top-notch janitorial team. Keep your eyes peeled for them and you’ll be certain you work in a building that employs a commercial cleaning crew.

No Bad Smells

Bad smells may not be visible, but they are instantly noticeable when you walk into a room. Your nose is a powerful appendage and can instantly pick up on a lingering, nasty scent that’s wafting through the air. The obvious culprits tend to be breakroom garbage cans, employee bathrooms, and communal refrigerators. However, a bad smell can come from other places, like the carpet or air vents, if they haven’t been properly cleaned.

When you have a commercial cleaning company, these bad smells are taken care of. Garbage is taken out, bathrooms are mopped and scrubbed, carpets are deep-cleaned, and more is done to ensure your workplace is as clean as possible.

Spotless Floors

The floors see the most wear and tear of any part of the building, especially in areas of heavy foot traffic like hallways, waiting rooms or lobbies. Depending on the size of your building and how many people come in and out every day, they are, most likely, visibly the dirtiest surfaces. Footprints, scuffed tiles, and dirt being tracked in can happen daily, so it’s easy to spot when floors are being neglected.

Spotless floors are a sure sign that a building gets regular cleaning. If the hall tiles or waiting room carpet frequently look washed and polished, then it’s clear that floor care is considered a building priority. And why shouldn’t it be? Clean floors leave a positive impression on visitors and employees alike, being visually appealing and safer to walk on. If the floors are spotless and gleaming, your workplace is clean.

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Fewer People Getting Sick

As most people spend 8 hours a day, five days a week in their workplace, it’s one of the most common places to get sick. Sneezing without covering your mouth, lack of hand washing, and not wiping down surfaces are easy ways for germs to spread. During an outbreak, a building can become a petri dish with all of the germs hanging around.

A lack of people getting sick, even during cold and flu season, is one of the biggest signs that your workplace is clean. When facilities are commercially cleaned, surfaces get disinfected with the best janitorial technology available. This means you and your colleagues can work productively without picking up germs and getting each other sick.

Commercial cleaning is a major benefit to any business. If you notice spotless floors, healthy employees, and good air quality, you can be certain that there’s a top-notch professional cleaning service hard at work behind the scenes. Think your business could use one? Contact us today to schedule our commercial cleaning services!