Transportation Industry Commercial Cleaning Needs

Transportation Services Cleaning for the Holidays

With the holiday season coming, it’s that time of year where transportation services are in high demand. Commuters and travelers will be flocking to bus stations, airports, commuter rails, and ferries so they can see family and friends. If you work in the transportation industry, then you recognize that this influx of foot traffic to your business means that a lot more cleaning needs to be done.

Here are a few cleaning needs for transportation services that can’t be skimped on during the holiday season.

Trash Pick-Up

People might not think about the appearance of a bus station when it’s clean, but they absolutely notice when it’s dirty. From garbage bins overflowing to fast food wrappers carelessly dropped on the floor, trash can be a real problem during the holidays. Make sure your janitorial team makes regular rounds to empty trash cans and collect litter so travelers have a more pleasant experience and a high opinion of your facilities.

Touchpoint Protection for High-Traffic Areas

Think about all of the spots people touch in an airport or bus station. Bathroom sinks, elevator buttons, handrails, and door handles all come to mind. And as the holiday season often overlaps with flu season, germs often find their way onto these touchpoints.

Keeping high-traffic touchpoints clean prevents travelers from getting sick and gifting germs to their friends and families when they arrive at their destination. A method we use is applying the Silver Defender to touchpoints. This antimicrobial film is easy to apply but also keeps surfaces 99.9% cleaner, so travelers stay healthy during the holidays.

Clean Restrooms

Public restrooms see a lot of traffic from travelers, especially this time of year. And because there is likely more of a rush to catch flights, trains, and buses, patrons don’t always clean up after themselves as much as they should. This leads to toilets not getting flushed, water on the floor, and paper towels scattered everywhere as they miss the trash bin.

This is why janitorial services and day porters need to monitor the bathrooms at stations closely. Regular bathroom checks can keep them clean despite the influx of foot traffic. It’s especially important to check that soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are filled so visitors can wash their hands. In fact, installing Smart Dispensers can notify your commercial cleaning staff when they get low.

Floor Cleaning

Foot traffic” might mean “pedestrian activity” but it’s also rather literal in that a lot of people will be walking on your facility’s floors. This leads to scuff marks as well as dirt, sand, mud, snow, and salt  getting tracked in. It’s wholly unappealing and could lead to some negative reviews of your station.

Floor care might not seem like a big deal to some, but mud and melted snow could also create a slipping hazard. If a pedestrian slips in your facility, at best you’ll have someone holding up the flow of traffic. At worst, you could have an injury and lawsuit on your hands. So make sure your floors are mopped and dried to keep people moving and avoid transporting someone to the hospital.

The holidays are the time transportation services need to be at the top of their game. This includes staying clean and presentable. After all, if travelers notice your facilities are clean as well as efficient, they’re more likely to use your services for future trips.