Why You Need Commercial Cleaning of Your “Clean Rooms”

At S.J. Services we believe in customizing our cleaning services to each of our client’s needs. This may depend on the hours of service, type of business, or even the deepness of the cleaning required. There is one specific area of commercial cleaning that takes special training and certification to maintain the highest standard of clean – commercial cleaning of industrial, manufacturing, or scientific “clean rooms.” 

These clean rooms have different requirements depending on the industry and the type of work being conducted in the facility. Many clean rooms need filtered air while others need temperature controls, humidity controls, airflow, filtration, and pressure.

Let’s take a little closer look at what clean rooms are, what industries they are often found in, and our services in clean rooms that may be utilized.

What Are Clean Rooms? 

A clean room is an engineered space that is specially designed to maintain a very low concentration of airborne particulates. Clean rooms are isolated and maintained with strict access control in order to keep the area well-contained and away from contamination. 

Clean rooms precisely control, monitor, and maintain the environment of the room taking into account the factors that are needed for each specific industry.

Many pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturing, and biohazard research firms use engineered clean rooms that are both meant to keep particulates out of the clean space and prevent airborne particulate from escaping. 

For instance, in the medical field, clean rooms that deal with biohazards are not just concerned about the air coming in but about keeping both a negative and positive air pressure in the space to ensure that any nanoparticles of bio-agents will not get out or in. 

Where Are Clean Rooms Found? 

These types of specialized spaces are often found in scientific research facilities and in many industrial production areas where airborne particulates need to remain out of the area. 

Some examples of industries where these specialized facilities are found include pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing medicines and treatments for viruses and bacteria and optics manufacturing, where specialized lenses are created and need the cleanest airspace to provide the highest level of quality. Additionally, other industries utilize these spaces such as aerospace engineering, the solar industry, electronic production, the semiconductor industry, and life sciences research and development. 

The Difference In Caring for a Clean Room

When caring for a clean room as a commercial cleaner, we are trained to understand the technical needs of each type of clean room. For instance, cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air. The number that denotes a clean room such as Class 100 or Class 1000 indicates the number of particles of size 0.5 μm or larger permitted per cubic foot of air. 

In order to properly clean these spaces, ​​S.J. Services expertly trains our cleaning teams to the Federal and ISO Class Rating standards. Our team will manage the regulatory compliance list and quality control checklist required to keep your ISO Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, and up cleanroom operating at peak performance.

We understand that specialized clothing, equipment, and order of operations are needed to clean these spaces with the utmost care. 

Talk to our team if you work in an industry where specialized cleaning is necessary as we have a specialized training program to guide our commercial clean room cleaning crews.