Rooms that Need a Fresh Coat of Paint

Rooms that Need a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to revitalize rooms in any building. But if you’re not looking to update the walls in every single room, you should consider at least giving certain rooms a makeover.

There are a lot of benefits to repainting a room, including increasing the property value, protecting the walls, and giving employees a moral boost. There has been a lot of research on color theory and how it can improve your business’ productivity. So consider the drab, dreary walls of these specific rooms in your facilities and give them a fresh coat of paint.

Waiting Areas

Waiting rooms should feel welcoming, calming, and fresh. Whether you’re a healthcare facility or a big marketing firm, you need your waiting area to encourage positive feelings in your visitors. This is why you can’t afford your walls to show wear and tear or neglect. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up the space almost instantly.

You might also want to consider updating the paint if you’re getting new furniture or decor for the waiting area. It can be quite jarring to see the contrast of brand-new chairs and tables in a room where the walls have cracked or peeling paint. Freshen it up before redecorating so it all pulls together.

Private Offices

A private office can be an employee’s home away from home when they’re working. It’s a space that is truly theirs, so naturally, they’ll want to personalize it. An easy way to get them to feel this way is to paint their office before they move in. They can pick a color that they feel will motivate them or they feel works with their vibe and style. This will result in a happier workforce that will look forward to coming into their office every day.

White paint roller dipping in bucket of white paint.

Break Rooms

Break rooms are designed to help employees decompress and relax. This is why you can’t afford to let this room look drab or haggard, as you’ll find your staff demotivated. Employees want to feel appreciated, so you shouldn’t neglect their non-work spaces. If the colors are looking dull, repaint the walls a new, fresher color. It’s not much, but it’s the attention to the little details that can make a big difference in morale.

Conference Rooms

This is where the magic happens. Where you give your sales pitches or reports that wow your clients and colleagues. But even the most charismatic person can benefit from a room that looks crisp and professional. Peeling paint or dull colors don’t do you any favors as a backdrop when you give presentations. Give it a neutral color but with a bold border to pop and you’ll have a room that’s both professional and exciting.

Paint is a simple but effective way to revitalize your office building, so take a look around and note which walls need some TLC. You may find that a fresh coat of paint will have stunning results.