Why you should repaint your office

The Benefits of Repainting Your Office Space

Whether you’ve just moved into a new building or you’ve been in the facility for a while, repainting your office space has a ton of benefits. Paint has transformative properties that shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth getting a commercial paint job for your workplace, consider the following points.

Repainting Makes Older Buildings Feel New

If you work in an older building, you can tell when it’s starting to show its age. Big clues are chipped or peeling paint, water stains on the walls and ceilings, and the colors generally looking dull and faded. A fresh coat of paint can almost instantly revitalize a room, hallway, or entryway of your facility. With something as simple as repainting, you can update a space and make an older building look and feel new.

Repainting Improves Your Business’ Image

One of the key things you need to remember in business is that appearances – especially first impressions – matter. You want your clients and visitors to walk into your office space and instantly feel that your business is put-together and professional. Recently repainted rooms can easily help send that message. From the lobby to meeting rooms to private offices, walls with a coat of fresh, smooth paint give a positive impression.

Repainting your office space is especially good if you’ve recently rebranded or the company has changed ownership. Consider repainting the meeting room with your brand’s new colors, or painting your company logo against a fresh white background in the main lobby. This is a great way to emphasize your brand identity to clients and employees alike. It also adds a personal touch to the building. It helps it stand out from every other office space a person might walk into, which further imprints your business into their minds.

Deciding what color to paint your office space

Repainting Your Office Increases Employee Morale

In this day and age of remote working, it’s important to make in-person employees want to come into the office. One way to do this is to ensure they have a workspace that feels fresh, clean, and productive. They often spend forty hours a week in the office, so naturally they will want an environment that’s clean, fresh, and inspires them to work.

A dull workspace that never changes, with faded colors and peeling paint, could negatively affect employee morale. Meanwhile, an office space with fresh, vibrant colors could give the motivational boost they need to go the extra mile for your business. Repainting can keep an office from feeling stagnant, which is important for the people who spend eight hours a day there.

Color theory can be extremely helpful. Different colors can have different psychological effects on people. This is true in the workplace, with certain colors boosting creativity and productivity. Depending on the purpose of a particular room, use color theory to determine what color will be most beneficial to employee morale.

Clean White

If you have a room in your workplace that needs to look larger, repaint the room white. Clean, bright, and modern, it catches the light better than any other color. White is good for meeting rooms, as you want them to feel open and inviting. However, be sure to add an accent color to prevent the room from feeling sterile and bland. 

Bright Yellow

Yellow is a color associated with optimism and warmth, so if an office space is feeling dreary, this is the color to go with. It’s also associated with creativity, so it’s good for marketing departments to promote inspiration.

Paint your office Yellow

Dark Blue

If you have employees whose job requires focus, dark blue is a great color to paint their office. Darker blue shades promote stability, relaxation, and a sense of order. But too much can feel depressive or stifling, so be sure to contrast it with a lighter or more vibrant color.

Earthy Brown

Shades of brown, especially earthy tones paired with green, can make an office feel cozy and inviting. It looks especially good if your office has lots of wooden furniture, creating a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere. The brown hues can make a room feel grounded, which is good for a room 

Paint Keeps Mold from Growing

Mold can be a problem for any building, both in terms of appearance and health. It doesn’t just make your office look gross and unprofessional; it’s a detriment to your building’s structural integrity. If your facility is made of wood, mold can cause structural damage that is dangerous and costly to repair. More commonly, it’s a health hazard. When mold grows in your office, it damages the indoor air quality, which can cause short-term allergic reactions and long-term health problems. According to OSHA, “Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees.” This includes taking steps to prevent mold from growing in workspaces.

Repainting the walls is an effective and easy way to help prevent the growth of mold. Paint, especially those with a glossy finish, acts as a sealant against moisture. This will keep your walls from becoming a breeding ground for mold, especially in moist environments like bathrooms or kitchens. With just a coat of paint, you could be improving employee health and your building’s structural integrity.

Repainting Increases Property Value

Some businesses are allowing employees to work remotely and downsizing their main office building to save money. But if you’re planning on selling your old office space, an easy way to increase the property value of the building is to repaint it first. A new coat of paint will make your building more appealing to buyers and get you a better selling price. Even if you choose to lease the building rather than sell it, repainting will draw in more tenants who are willing to pay higher prices for a well-maintained office space.

There are so many benefits to repainting your office space, both aesthetically and in terms of health. However, when you choose to repaint a commercial building, it’s important to hire professionals. This way you can be sure you’re getting the best quality job possible that will last for years to come. By employing our painting services, your office will be transformed.