S.J. Services Industry Rundown – Facilities We Serve

When you’re looking for commercial cleaning services, it’s important to know if a company serves your specific industry. Our highly-trained professional cleaning and maintenance staff are the key to any organization’s success. After all, your facilities deserve clean, healthy, and safe work areas, and we provide. 

Educational Facilities

Children and even many adults spend the majority of their time in school. That’s why it’s crucial to keep classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, and locker rooms clean. Children of all ages learn better in educational facilities that are professionally cleaned, while a poorly-maintained building gives them a negative perception of the school’s management and that they don’t care for their students. Keeping classrooms sanitized also reduces the spread of germs, as schools are regularly one of the one of the germiest places they’ll visit.

S.J. Services is the number one cleaner of educational facilities in New England. School budgets may be shrinking, but we work with the administrators to reduce janitorial costs. By working with us, schools can consolidate their facility maintenance and janitorial needs, and even get access to the latest cleaning technology. It’s a great arrangement for everyone – students, staff, and administrators alike.


For the hospitality business to thrive, travelers must spread the word about the quality of a hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, or event. One of the key things visitors mention in reviews was the cleanliness of their lodgings. These reviews aren’t just limited to their rooms, either – dirty public bathrooms, lobbies, hallways, and common areas can leave a bad impression, and negative word-of-mouth can damage a hotel’s reputation. Meanwhile, visitors being impressed with clean facilities can help a business grow.

Because of this, our cleaning teams place great value on keeping hospitality facilities clean. Depending upon your building’s needs we can empty trash, clean and monitor bathrooms, vacuum and wax floors, keep common areas tidy, and more to keep your reputation and facilities sparkling clean.

Technology and Biotech 

Laboratories and cleanrooms require very specialized equipment, training, and procedures to ensure they are as clean as possible. Samples and experiments can’t risk being contaminated, and cleanrooms in particular must maintain a controlled environment so the production of certain products, like electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, aren’t compromised.

The health and safety of your personnel is of the utmost importance to us, so we put special emphasis on proper procedure. When we are hired to clean these facilities, we give our teams in-depth, advanced training in cleanrooms ISO Class 1, Class, 10, Class 100, Class 1000 and more, as well as Foreign Object and Debris Awareness (FOD) Training to provide a level of care not often provided by less experienced teams. All of this ensures that your facilities remain uncontaminated so your work is unimpeded.

Person currently disinfecting table

Transportation Facilities

When it comes to transportation, commuters and travelers have come to expect a clean and sanitized area for their journey. Whether it is a bus station, commuter rail, airport, or ferry service, transportation facilities often see a high volume of passengers. This means they need ongoing cleaning and maintenance staff to keep transit areas clean and tidy.

S.J. Services’ team of trained staff can service even the busiest transportation routes efficiently and productively. From sweeping and mopping, to cleaning and sanitizing touchpoints, our cleaning teams can provide a spotless and pleasant travel experience.

Office Buildings

Ask yourself this; “what does my office space say about my company?” Your lobby, hallways, meeting rooms, break rooms, and even bathrooms leave a lasting impression on visitors, from employees to clients to customers. If your office is dirty, dull, and unappealing, it could leave visitors less than impressed and cause employee morale to drop.

When you hire professional cleaners, you don’t have to concern yourself with the cleanliness of your office. Every office trash bin, workstation floor, and conference room chair is cleaned to our strict, high-quality standards. We even have green cleaning programs that can drastically improve office air quality, creating a more comfortable environment and reducing employee sick days. While we’re cleaning, we’ll also be on the lookout for maintenance issues. From blown-out light bulbs to leaky faucets, our crews will immediately alert you.

Food Processing

Every food processing facility recognizes the importance of cleanliness. Cross-contamination is a major concern for any restaurant, food processing facility, or food handling plant. That’s why equipment  must be thoroughly cleaned daily with products that are food-safe, but also will neutralize any bacteria or viruses that could put consumers at risk.

We take these procedures just as seriously as you do. That’s why we maintain cleaning best practices when it comes to the order and methods of cleaning food processing equipment. We know what to clean, when it should be cleaned, how to ensure disinfection, and what surfaces need the most attention throughout the food preparation process. To be sure everything is up to our and your exact standards, our team is highly trained in the techniques and products that should be used.

Government Buildings

When a person walks into a government building, they expect to see their tax dollars at work. This includes janitorial services, as these buildings see a high volume of traffic throughout the day. From police and fire stations, to town halls and state agency buildings, these buildings require regular maintenance and upkeep to combat the daily wear and tear.

We’ll set up a cleaning plan that will suit your government facility’s unique needs. Whether you need professional janitorial services, day porters, or a deep cleaning team, you’ll get a team perfectly suited to the task. Our employees also go through rigorous screening before hiring, so you can be assured that government documents and information will remain safe and confidential as they clean.

View on the empty chairs in the room

Healthcare Facilities

There is no place that requires thorough, specialized cleaning more than healthcare facilities. Medical and dental offices see a high number of people every day, and just as many germs. A general mopping of the floors and wiping down of counters won’t do in places like these; you need deep cleaning and thorough sanitation to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

When you hire us, you hire a team that is trained and experienced in crucial health and safety precautions specific to healthcare facilities. Exam rooms, lobbies, and waiting areas will all receive thorough cleaning and attention. Our team uses the latest products and techniques to provide not only a comprehensive cleaning, but also fully sanitize and disinfect surface areas and major touchpoints like elevator buttons, doorknobs, faucet handles, and bathrooms. They’ll help your facilities fight the spread of germs from the inside out, leading to a safer, healthier environment.

The teams at S.J. Services are capable of giving the highest quality commercial cleaning to a wide variety of industries. With our services and equipment, you’ll keep your facilities in top shape, healthy, and operating more efficiently. Contact us today for more details about services, hiring methods, and how we can suit your building’s unique needs.